Frequently asked questions

How is GA different from other analytics solutions?

GameAnalytics is a free analytics service created by and for game developers. We have designed event types and the resulting metrics that are specific to gaming concepts so that you know what to track and how to best track it. These include:

  • User acquisition
  • Player engagement
  • Monetization, including drivers of first time purchases
  • Player progression through game content
  • In-game economies and virtual resources (e.g. gold, lives, XP)
  • Error tracking

Our SDKs are easy to integrate — you can get started in 5 minutes with a basic integration of the User event. Instrumenting additional events to track monetization, gameplay, player progression and in-game economies takes more time, but can be done in days.

Once your game is instrumented, our dashboards, analysis and data mining tools make it easy to understand what your players and monetizers are doing in your game, and where you should focus your development efforts.

We provide guidance along the way, step-by-step, from code to dashboards through our friendly support!

The fastest way to understand and test what GameAnalytics offers is by signing up for a free account and browsing our demo game.

How is data captured and processed by GameAnalytics?

GameAnalytics captures event data through our SDK and sends it via HTTP to our servers. This event data is shown most immediately in the Real Time dashboard, which is updated as quickly as we can process the data (usually within 5 minutes). All other metrics are updated daily at 00:20 UTC.

How much does GameAnalytics cost?

GameAnalytics is completely free to use. There are no pricing models nor derivatives, and the features available now will remain free going forward!

Do you have any limits on how much data my game can send?

There are no limits to the amount of data your game can send to GameAnalytics. There is, however, a limit of 100,000 unique event_ids that GameAnalytics will process per game each day. You can read more about this limit and how to best design your events to avoid it here.

How long do you retain data for my game?

We provide unlimited data storage for all time and you will always be able to visualize metrics from the day you begin sending data to our servers. Downloading your raw data is only available from present to the past 6 months.

Why is my data different from what is reported by Google and/or Apple?

New Users versus Downloads

Discrepancies between the New Users we report and the number of downloads reported by Google or Apple can be a result of the following scenarios:

  • Users may download the app, but not run it. GameAnalytics counts new users according to the first time an application has been run on a device.
  • Users may download the game, but open it for the first time on a different day. Our metrics are calculated based on 00:00 UTC.
  • Users may download the game, but open it when they do not have network access.
  • Users with jailbroken phones may get the app from a different source.
  • Users with jailbroken phones may have analytics disabled.
  • Users may download the app once, but run it on multiple devices.
  • Users may download the app multiple times, but run it on the same device.


Discrepancies between the Revenue reported in GameAnalytics versus Revenue reported by Google or Apple can be a result of the following scenarios:

  • Revenue reported from the app stores may be aggregated by a different time zone. Our metrics are calculated based on 00:00 UTC.
  • Players may be hacking purchases in your game. GameAnalytics verifies purchases sent to us with the app store receipt directly with Apple/Google, and reports:

    • Total revenue: Calculated from all Business events received, regardless of validation status

    • Valid revenue: Calculated only using Business events with a valid store receipt

    • Invalid revenue: Calculated using Business events with invalidated store receipts, and/or with Business events that do not include a receipt

  • Business events are not instrumented correctly. The amount field in Business events may be incorrect or formatted incorrectly. Make sure the amount is in cents, meaning if the user paid $1.99, the amount should be multiplied by 100 and reported as 199 cents.

What happens when my players play offline (or without network access)? Will you still get their data?

The GameAnalytics SDK continues to capture event data when the player does not have network access, storing it locally on the phone. When the player comes back online all events will be sent to our servers. Metrics are calculated based on the timestamp of when events arrive on our servers.

Can I tell if a customer deletes my game from their phone?

Unfortunately, we cannot track when a user deletes your game from their phone. Drops in retention and DAU are signs for deleted or ignored games.

How does GA track users from China on Android?

In Unity our SDK will use the old Android ID for tracking China players after the attempt for fetching the Advertising ID will fail. Also, building your own custom ID is a solution for tracking these players. For the native SDK you implicitly need to setup a custom ID if you are targeting users from China.

Where can I find my Game Key and Secret Key?

You can access your Game Key and Secret Key by clicking the “Game settings” gear icon and look for them in the “Game information” panel. For more information on managing your GameAnalytics account, please see here.

Can I delete a Game/User/Studio?

You can archive games and studios by pressing the archive link in the upper right section of the tool. A list of all your existing games and studios will appear. Use the checkbox next to each item to archive the game or studio. If you archive a studio, all the games underneath it will also be archived.

Can I delete an Event or Dimension value? Can I exclude myself and my testers from my data?

We do not currently have a way to remove data from a game, or exclude certain users from sending data. We suggest that you create a separate “game” within GameAnalytics for testing and development purposes. When you launch your game, you can then create and use a new game within GameAnalytics to have a fresh, clean start of the tracking and metrics.

What happens if I change an event name?

If you change an event’s name our servers will mark it as a new event. We do not overwrite existing data (except for user events info).

I don’t understand how you calculate one of your metrics. Can you tell me?

You can learn more about each of our metrics and dimensions here. If you still have questions, please contact our support.

What should I track with Custom events? How should I name my Custom events?

You can learn more about how to best use the Custom event here. If you still have questions how to track events in your game, please contact our support.

What time zone does GameAnalytics use? Can I change it?

By default the tool is set to GMT +1 but you can always change the timezone of all dashboards by opening your user profile settings and clicking on the Locale settings panel.

How do I change what currency shows in GameAnalytics?

You can change the currency of your monetization dashboard by opening your user profile settings and clicking on the Locale settings panel. We will automatically convert the received currency into the one selected in this setting. Code wise you can send the amount in the currency of billing by simply attaching the corresponding currency symbols to the business event. Make sure the amount is in cents, meaning if the user payed 1,99$ you need to multiply this value by 100 in order to convert it to 199 cents.