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Account Automation – Overview

Account Automation

As your game titles grow at scale, you may require to regularly use some services in our tool to better evaluate your games. We are working on a set of tools that will help you to cut down the manual work and automate certain processes of your studio’s interaction with GameAnalytics.

What is the Organization API?

We are building an API to help publishers automate common interactions with our services. You can, on behalf of your organization, programmatically create different resources in the GameAnalytics platform such as studios, games, users or invite other users to your games, studios or organization.

This is particularly useful for larger publishers that frequently need creation of users and games in our platform and to use them to evaluate their games.


Organization API Use Cases

  • Building a game tracking pipelines for publishing 

This API can be connected to an online game submission form so that every time a studio submits a game for publishing, a tracking key is returned for the specific title. When the studio then adds the GameAnalytics SDK into the game with the corresponding key, you will have instant access to the game’s metrics and data, in your publishing account, and the studio contact can also be invited as a viewer 


  • Automating user rights management

If you have an internal process for automating user access management – such as adding/removing  access for game teams or prototypes to various systems, the Organization API will enable you to add GameAnalytics to the process and ensure easy onboarding/offboarding. The API can be used in this way when also changing access policies across the organization – for instance if there’s a need to change game admins to game viewers in bulk.


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