Ad Events


Ad Events

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Use this event to track when players interact with ads within your game and monitor your ad performance.

The ad event consists of 8 fields:

Field Description Type Possible Values Required
category Event category string ads Y
ad_sdk_name Name of the ad provider string admob, fyber, applovin, ironsource, [any string]

Lowercase with no spaces or underscores

ad_placement Placement/identifier of the ad within the game string end_of_game, after_level, [any string]

Max 64 characters

ad_type Type of ad string video | rewarded_video | playable | interstitial | offer_wall | banner Y
ad_action The action made in relation to the ad string clicked | show | failed_show | reward_received | Y
ad_fail_show_reason The reason why the ad failed to show string unknown | offline | no_fill | internal_error | invalid_request | unable_to_precache N
ad_duration The duration in milliseconds that the ad was shown for long 3500 (in milliseconds = 3.5 seconds) N
ad_first The field can be added if this is the first ad to be shown for the user boolean TRUE N


  • Example A: A player is shown an interstitial ad
  • Example B: A player clicks on a rewarded ad
  • Example C: An ad is failed to be shown to a player


Field Example A Example B Example C
category ads ads ads
ad_sdk_name admob fyber ironsource
ad_placement end_of_level ad_for_coins during_level
ad_type interstitial rewarded_video banner
ad_action show clicked failed_show
ad_fail_show_reason no_fill
ad_duration 5000 6000
ad_first true

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