NOTE: at this time, the integration works only for install events and NOT for update and in-app events.

You can start sending attribution data using Apsalar postbacks.

Apsalar is able to forward install notifications to GameAnalytics allowing you to understand from where your users are coming. The integration itself is a server-to-server setup which once configured it will keep a constant communication between Apsalar and GameAnalytics.


You will need to set the Postback Recepient as GameAnalytics and to select you app in the Application dropdown. The event type needts to be ‘Install’ since this is the only type we are accepting. Select the Postback Status as Active, begin sending data immeediately. Set the Attribution Rules as Send events attributed to all sources for all campaigns and select a 30 days click lookback. In the Preview section you need to assign the Game Key.

Once you’ve inserted the key the postback will be automatically created.


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