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Business Events (Implementation)

The purpose of this article is to expose more examples of custom events in GameAnalytics and how they should be sent, from the planning phase up to aggregation and visualisation part in the tool.

We illustrate the generation of these events with examples from our Unity SDK. The examples can be implemented in any other official GameAnalytics SDK by using the equivalent methods.



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  • Monetization metrics are divided into 3 submetrics each.
  • For instance, ARPDAU is calculated in 3 different ways due to in-app purchase validation:
    • ARPDAU valid (metric based on only business events marked as valid after validation)
    • ARPDAU invalid (metric based on only business events marked as invalid after validation)
    • ARPDAU (the general metric based on all aggregated business events, valid+invalid)
  • The metrics above can be opened by using the explore tool by any game in our network.

Note: By default, all games that are using the latest official SDKs will view only valid monetization metrics in the default dashboards while REST API integrations will view global monetization metrics.

In other words it is highly important to implement purchase validation if you are using the latest SDKs and purchase validation is available for the platform you are targeting in order to view data in the default monetization metrics.

  • Example of sending a business event in iOS using the Unity SDK:
string receipt= "MIIT8AYJKoZIhvcNAQcC...2LJuwKuaCXT4Y="; // raw receipt from the purchase platform provider

GameAnalytics.NewBusinessEventIOS("USD",249,"Shop item","Minigun Purchase","Shop_01",receipt);
  • Once the event is aggregated it will automatically participate in generating monetization metrics. No other efforts are needed.
  • In the next figure we see an example of monetization dashboard populated with data from events marked as valid.

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