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Custom Dashboards

The predefined metrics featured within your pre-built dashboards were hand-picked by industry experts which serve to answer the fundamental questions you have about player data in your games. But what if you have a different view in mind? You can create your own tailored reports with Custom Dashboards.

The Custom Dashboards tool is a powerful feature, especially if you want to display metrics that are specific to your design events. Custom dashboards are really useful for creating unique overviews, to present data differently to your pre-built dashboards. For example, you can:

  • Create dashboards centred around your player’s interaction with your game, this could include a breakdown of your players spending habits, or tracking the most in demand characters, items or bonuses.
  • Mediate all the data-views that are important to you into one view, including alternative visualisations types to help you understand the significance of the data in a visual context you prefer.
  • Further breakdown your performance metrics across a wider range of dimensions. Understand which metrics may have a causal effect on your player’s playing activity.

Getting Started

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To create a custom dashboard, from the menu bar select the Plus icon next to Dashboards.

After creating your first custom dashboard, you will see a new Custom Dashboards option in the menu bar. You will be able to access all custom dashboards from here.

When creating a Custom Dashboard you can choose to either add already existing widgets or create your own. There is no limit to the number of custom dashboards that you can create.


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Create a New Widget

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Once you have created your custom dashboard, you can start to add your data widgets. You can create your own widgets from any of the metrics which are predefined within GameAnalytics, or custom events which you have pre-built within your game event structure.

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Setup Steps

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  • Give your widget a title
  • Select your preferred visualisation
  • Select either a metric or event within the metric field
  • Pick a data dimension you would like the data to pertain to

After you select Add widget to dashboard, the widget will then display within your custom dashboard. There aren’t any limits on the number of widgets you may have per dashboard.

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You can continue making additions, changes, and deletions to your own widgets. Your custom dashboard includes tools to edit, delete, move and also decrease/increase the size of your widgets.

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