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Using Custom Dimensions



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You can tag your players with any piece of information that might help you in your analysis using Custom Dimensions.

These dimensions can be used to analyze user segments that you define, for example, A/B test groups or whether or not a user is in the Warrior Guild.

There are three Custom Dimensions available to send. These dimensions are sent with every event type.

When you instrument the GameAnalytics SDK, you will need to pre-define a list of 20 valid values for each Custom Dimension. When a Custom Dimension is set for the user it will be persisted across sessions and app exit until:

  • Another custom dimension value is specified.
  • The dimension value is reset by calling with null.
  • Or the app is re-installed.

Keep in mind

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Backend wise, we allow up to 100 unique custom dimensions values for each custom dimension category.

More than what the SDKs allow to make sure any changes in the list of static custom dimensions values and any publishing of a new builds will not create issues. Also to allow running the latest build of your game in parallel with older builds played by users who have not yet updated, will not throttle the game.

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