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Design Events


Design Events

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Track any other concept in your game using this event type. For example, you could use this event to track GUI elements or tutorial steps.

  • Example A: A player completes the first step in your new user tutorial by naming their character.
  • Example B: A player clicks on the button to turn on the volume in your game.
Field Example A Example B
eventId newUserTutorial:namedCharacter:complete guiClick:volume:on
value (blank) (blank)

Fair Usage Policy

Event id’s are strings separated by colons defining an event hierarchy – like kill:robot:large.

It is important to not generate an excessive amount of unique nodes possible in the event hierarchy tree.

The maximum amount of unique nodes generated should be around 10k.

Poor Implementation Example

level_name could be 100 values
weapon_used could be 300 values
damage_done could be 1-5000 perhaps.

This will generate an event hierarchy with: 100 * 300 * 5000 = 150M possible nodes. This is far too many.
Also, the damage should be put as a value and not in the event string.

Game Blocking
The processing will perhaps be blocked for a game doing this and cause other problems when browsing our tool.

For more information how to use the Design event, see here.

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