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Error Events (Implementation)

The purpose of this article is to expose more examples of custom events in GameAnalytics and how they should be sent, from the planning phase up to aggregation and visualisation part in the tool.

We illustrate the generation of these events with examples from our Unity SDK. The examples can be implemented in any other official GameAnalytics SDK by using the equivalent methods.



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Error events are contextual messages to track the performance of the game.

  • They can be sent by calling the dedicated method, e.g.:
GameAnalytics.NewErrorEvent (GAErrorSeverity.Info, "Could not find available server.");

All error events are streamed in the real-time dashboard. They will also populate the widgets in the Quality dashboard once fully aggregated. For example, in the following image we can visualise the “Error events”” count and the “Users affected by error events” count widgets:

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