Fair Use Policy

It’s important to distinguish that there are no limits to the amount of data your game can send to GameAnalytics, however there is a limit of 100,000 unique event_ids that GameAnalytics will process per game each day. This limit is imposed to keep things running smoothly with our systems. We kindly ask all our users to carefully consider how they implement their custom events to comply with our fair use policy and as a result, avoid causing performance issues. If your game is found to be in breach of this policy, we may block that specific game from processing custom events and only track the core metrics (e.g. DAU, retention, sessions etc.) until this has been resolved. We will be in touch with you if this is the case.

To explain how this works, we’ll provide you with a few examples below. You may have the following Design events to track users starting and completing the steps of a funnel:





Each of these is a unique event_id. If your players send the first event 100,000 times, that will still only count as 1 unique event. When designing event_id hierarchies it is a common mistake to nest events that have too many possible values. For example:

[monster type]:”kill”:[item id]

If [monster type] and [item id] have 1000 possible values, and all these occur in a day, then you have 1000*1000=1,000,000 unique events.

We kindly suggest you to be considerate when designing the event structure, so the game does not send too many unique events. This rarely happens and is almost always due to games submitting dynamic content into the event string by mistake. This could be a position, value, monster id or some float value in the strings.


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