Impression Events

Impression Events are used to track impression data from ads shown using different ad partners. Currently we support MoPub and we plan to add support for more providers in future.

The event consists of following fields:

Field Type Example Description
category String impression Event category
ad_network_name String mopub Name of ad network
impression_data JsonObject {

“adgroup_id”: “365cd2475e074026b93da14103a36b97”,

“adgroup_name”: “Non-Mrect Ads”,

“adgroup_priority”: 6,

“adgroup_type”: “gtee”,

“adunit_format”: “Fullscreen”,

“adunit_id”: “24534e1901884e398f1253216226017e”,

“adunit_name”: “Android Sample App Fullscreen”,

“country”: “DK”,

“currency”: “USD”,

“id”: “0e6200add1eb4b8caadcf19c8314e394_00d45a3c00e5ce79”,

“precision”: “publisher_defined”,

“publisher_revenue”: 0.00005


Impression data could vary from each network.Description for MoPub data can be found here.


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