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Progression Events


Progression Events

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Use this event to track when players start and finish levels in your game. This event follows a 3 hierarchy structure (for example World, Level and Phase) to indicate a player’s path or place in the game.

This type of events can be used for calculating metrics such as how many levels were started on a day and not only.

“Progress” could mean things like leveling up, completing quests, completing missions, or completing milestones. You can ONLY track one type of progression with this event. For example, if you have levels and quests in your game, the progression event should only be used for either tracking levels or quests, but not both. Use Design Event and/or Custom Dimensions to track a secondary progression concept, if need be.

  • Example A: A players starts Day 1 of the Wild West world in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Example B: A player completes the “Enter a Competition” quest in My Horse by entering the Europe competition.
Field Example A Example B
progressionStatus start complete
progression01 level quest
progression02 wildWest enterCompetition
progression03 day1 europeCompetition
value (blank) (blank)

For these events, you can send:

All three levels of the hierarchy structure (progression01, progression02 and progression03) OR you can send just progression01 and progression02 OR you can send just progression 01.

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