Command Center

Customize your game without updates or extra code

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There’s an easy way to make all those repetitive changes to your game, and it takes just seconds. Manage all your campaign settings, switch ad networks on/off, change the difficulty level or the bonus of the day instantly.

How it works

The Command Center enables you to define ‘configs’ for your game: key-value pairs that are sent from GameAnalytics to the player device, using criteria and scheduling you set. They are received and stored by our SDK and can be accessed by other modules in your game, depending on the actions you plan.

Balance gameplay and in-game economy

Use configs to change the count of lives players get, the number of coins or gems, the difficulty level they experience - pretty much anything that is quantifiable in your gameplay can be changed using configs.

Update statuses for third party integrations

Start or stop ad campaigns, trigger push notifications via your liveops provider, enable ad networks integrations to run or stop all ads. These are critical tasks you can now manage from one place, with the Command Center.

A/B test assets and gameplay

Use split configs, which are sent to a selected % of users, to experiment with new levels, characters, skins, bonuses, virtual currency types, ad campaigns, or any other type of asset or setting, then measure the results.

Implement in an afternoon

Join the Command Center BETA

Join the BETA for early access. If you have more questions, we're happy to answer them.

*Your GameAnalytics SDK must be compatible with the Command Center for the feature to work.