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Free Analytics for Unity

Game Analytics for Unity3D

All the tools you need to understand your players, refine gameplay and improve monetization today!

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Cross-platform & quick setup

Compatible with Unity 4 & 5

Our mature Unity SDK is lightweight and updated with the latest requirements for all supported platforms: iOS, Android, Standalone Windows/OSX/Linux, WebGL, tvOS, WSA (Windows Store) and Tizen. Setup takes 5 minutes!

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Fine-tune gameplay in real-time with your analytics

Don't worry about metadata

Deeply integrated with Unity3D

Our SDK collects device, environment and geo-location information from each player, allowing you to automagically filter all metrics by the criteria that matter most to you.

  • 5+ attribution partners

    Works seamlessly with some of the leading attribution tools for mobile games, including: Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Tune & Kochava.

  • Progression events

    Looking to drive up retention? Track progression events in your game to get a rich understanding of sticking points causing your players to churn.

  • Real-time insights

    Get into the minds of your players, understand their behavior and refine your game with automatic tracking of runtime error logs, in real-time.

  • Cohorts

    Profile your players based on their actions over time, so you can learn who is most engaged with your game what motivates their purchases.

  • Supports visual playmaker

    Using Playmaker? No problem. Send and process your events in the normal way using our built-in extension for the Playmaker visual scripting tool.

  • Unity 4 & 5 compatible

    We provide separate SDKs for Unity 4, Unity 2017 and for Unity 5. Don’t worry about deprecation - we make sure to give all versions plenty of TLC.

Success story

An interview with Voodoo

With a string of top 10 titles on the App Stores, Voodoo publishing sure know how to release a hit mobile game. Their engine of choice is Unity, combined with GameAnalytics to refine gameplay.

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