How does your game stack up against the rest? Benchmarks allow you to compare your games’ performance to that of all the other games in the GameAnalytics’ network, giving you the context you need to make informed decisions that can improve your game. Benchmarks gives you an understanding of the markets your game is represented […]


This dashboard is the first you are met with when entering the game. Here you will find the most essential user and error metrics based on the data for the past 24 hours. Also, you will see core metrics based on the data aggregated no later than 5 minutes ago (unless there are processing delays, […]


Explore is an enhanced, isolated workbench for your data. With it you can: view predefined core metrics and custom metrics tracked by the GameAnalytics servers save and load custom queries change visualisation options export data to CSV By default, the Explore tool allows you to view two metrics at the same time on the same […]


Cohorts are defined as groups of users that have completed a specific action within a specific period of time. A good example of a cohort would be “the players that first launched your game on April 30th, 2015”. The GameAnalytics Cohorts is a framework build on the classical cohort table view. To define a cohort […]