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Talent Acquisition Specialist

About GameAnalytics

GameAnalytics is the #1 free analytics tool designed to help game developers and publishers drive conversions, refine critical flows, and boost retention for their titles by making the right decisions based on data. Currently, 17,000+ game developers use GameAnalytics to track performance in 38,000+ titles around the globe.

This means we have incredible coverage – at present we track the behaviour of 600+ million players every month. By joining the team, you’ll help shape the development of an industry leading SaaS platform in one of the most exciting and highest growth verticals on mobile. We are a truly international company with a strong presence in Europe, the Americas and – through our parent company Mobvista – Asia

About the HR team and the role

The HR/ People team is quite small… just two people. We consist of the HR Manager and the Office Manager. We are responsible for all aspects involved in making the work environment at GameAnalytics enjoyable. We also provide support for our partner companies like Mobvista and Mintegral. The work we do ranges from dealing with employee benefits, general office maintenance, payroll, learning and development and the overall work/life balance in the teams. GameAnalytics is going through a great transition period right now as we launch some new products and services. It means we’re recruiting lots of people from across the company in Engineering (Backend and Frontend Developers, Data Scientists etc.), Marketing, Business Development and Product/ Design.

This role will be responsible for managing all those recruitment cycles. You will work closely with the team leads to create hiring plans, develop a clear timeline, actively source candidates, screen individuals as well as take ownership of our onboarding process. Many of our recruitment, selection and onboarding processes are OK… but, you have the chance to make them great! We are very encouraging of people’s ideas so you will have the opportunity to make a real change to the way we do things here.


There are two main aspects to this role:

Internal Recruitment

  • Engage a variety of stakeholders to define and prioritise role requirements, draft desirable and enticing job descriptions, identify key skills to assess candidates and optimise the assessment process.
  • Communicate effectively with hiring managers ensuring that they are regularly updated on the progress within the recruitment cycles.
  • Directly sourcing candidates via internal referrals, LinkedIn, headhunting, social media, referrals, online job boards, Meetups, conferences and social events and any other effective methods. We aim to build a strong talent pipeline.
  • Provide effective feedback to candidates and recruitment agencies to build strong long-lasting relationships with both. We don’t ignore candidates, if they took the effort to apply, we can take the time to apply.
  • Create a robust and enviable onboarding and induction process: we want people to feel welcomed, valued and eager to become a part of our team.
  • Regularly review our talent management process (recruitment, selection, onboarding/ induction and total reward) through candidate surveys and one-to-one discussions with new employees and team leads.

Employer Branding

  • Assess and review our total reward (salary, benefits and wider company attractions) against the market finding ways to make our team more productive and happier.
  • Regularly scan our online presence as employers making sure the information shown is up-to-date, accurate and highlights our positive traits as an employer.
  • Create and maintain our online presence on our website/ career’s page, LinkedIn, social media pages and various other employer feedback sites e.g. Glassdoor.
  • Seek opportunities for GameAnalytics to be proactive in the enrichment of its community. We are open to how we do this, whether by sponsoring Meetup groups or working with local skills to encourage STEM learning among students.

Key requirements

  • Strong emotional intelligence! Someone that understands themself and is self-aware, able to stay motivated, provide good feedback and properly manage the emotions of others.
  • Solutions-focused. We all face problems, but you should be more focused on how they may improve the problems they face. Creative problem solver
  • An enjoyment of HR/ employment law/ people development. It’s important that you have a passion for the area which drives you learning of the latest techniques, findings and development in the field.
  • Strong communication skills — excellent negotiator and good persuasion skills.


  • Previous experience within internal recruitment/ talent acquisition. Bonus if you handled technology-focused recruitment.
  • Previous experience in roles outside HR/ recruitment; ideally within other departments/ functions.

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Company perks

The equipment you need

Whether you’re a Mac, Windows, or Linux lover, we’ll make sure you’re setup to suit.

A full perk package

Hundreds of benefits, from discounted brands to half price cinema tickets.

Flexible working environment

Always feel refreshed with ample holiday days and a flexible remote working policy.

Expensable phone bill

We all use our mobile phone at work, so we make sure to cover those expenses.