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5 New Must Reads On GameAnalytics

Here we present a handful of articles hand-picked by the GA team as particularly interesting - enjoy!

Where a couple of years ago you would have to cast a wide net to find writing about game analytics, these months there is a steady stream of new blog posts, articles, features etc. on various aspects of working with game telemetry data. Here we present a handful of articles hand-picked by the GA team as particularly interesting – enjoy!

Game Telemetry with Playtest DNA on Assassin´s Creed

Ubisoft has started up their own development/analytics blog, The Engine Room, where the teams there write about the highly interesting work they are doing on game analysis. The three-parter on analyzing player behavior in Assassin´s Creed are highly interesting stuff, covering trajectory analysis, heatmaps and the relationship between user testing and design.

URL: http://engineroom.ubi.com/

Finding Out What They Think

Ben Lewis-Evans has with the backing of the IGDA SIG on Game User Research written an excellent introduction to game user research and the methods used – which includes analysis of telemetry data. The primer is available from Gamasutra and is a long read, but definitely worth it.

Freemium Games are Not Normal

Nick Lim writes about the fundamental properties of player behavior, describing a surprising disrepance between many forms of human behavior and player behavior, which has earlier been described in academic research but is filtering through in the industry: that player behavior is not normally distributed but follows a power law distribution. This has a ton of important connotations for F2P games (and all other games for that matter), notably that there is no limit on player spending, and that “elder” players should not be slighted. It also highlights once again the importance of whales – the few power-spenders that drive the economy of F2P games.

URL: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/NickLim/20120626/173051/Freemium_games_are_not_normal.php?goback=.gmr_4199042.gde_4199042_member_130240768.gmr_4199042.gde_4199042_member_128990050#comments

Staying Power: Rethinking Feedback to Keep Players in the Game

Bruce Phillips is a veteran in the industry and someone it pays to listen to. In this Gamasutra feature he writes about why people stop playing games – a similar topic to Nick Lims above – but focusing on how to encourage them to continue playing.

URL: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/4171/staying_power_rethinking_feedback_.php

Game Analytics – Big Data and Business

Finally, Kevin Flood has an excellent set of posts on his blog that covers some of the basics of game analytics, discussing data capture, player experience, the game state maching, funnel analysis etc.

URL: http://kevinflood.blogspot.dk/2012/04/gameanalytics-big-data-and-business.html

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