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Browse hundreds of different gaming services with the GameDev Toolbox

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the GameDev Toolbox, a one-stop directory containing all of the services you’ll need to develop better games.

When it comes to the art and business of making mobile games, there are so many different services out there we decided to bring them all together into a central, time-saving tool, freely available for developers everywhere.

We’ve been hard at work building this solution over the past few weeks, and we’re now thrilled to announce the official launch of the GameDev Toolbox, a central directory where you’ll find hundreds of leading products and services to help optimize, monetize, or localize your games.

You can start browsing right away. But before you go, here’s a bit more detail about how the gamedev toolbox works (and why you should use it!).

Discover and access new services

We’ve vetted every service provider in the toolbox, so you can trust that they offer high-quality solutions. So far, you’ll find over 100 (and counting) best in class providers featured across dozens of categories, including: ad monetization, backend tools, and user attribution. Meaning you can discover some of the best games services per category.

Save time reaching out to providers

With so many services in the mobile games industry, it’s quite simply a pain to ask a bunch of companies for more information. We wanted to make getting in touch with multiple providers as simple and easy as possible. So instead, you’re now able to get quick information from whoever you want in just a few simple steps.

Just select the services that pique your interest, provide more information about your requirement, and we’ll send on your message to them. They’ll then get back to you with their quotes separately.

Partner spotlight

When browsing the toolbox, you’ll notice that we’ve included featured partners who offer services deeply integrated with GameAnalytics. Some enable better syncing of data to and from your account, whereas others provide exclusive offers for GameAnalytics users. In some cases, you’ll also be able to find out more about powerful new products. Not only that, but you’ll often get access to exclusive terms here too.

Attribution: Adjust

If you want to attribute and measure the return of your mobile marketing campaigns, we’re now closely partnering with Adjust to make marketing & ROI analytics easier to adopt, especially for growing game teams.

To celebrate this new partnership, Adjust will be providing their in-house advertising insights within Benchmarks+, meaning users can now get access to insights for CPI, CPM, CPC, and CTR. And if you’re an Adjust user, you can now access the platform at a 30% discount for 6 or 12 months access.

GameAnalytics customers can also get special terms for signing up to Adjust, too. Just request a quote on the Adjust page to claim either of these offers.

We are excited to power GameAnalytics customers with best-in-class mobile measurement, automation & fraud prevention solutions. It is particularly notable that together Adjust and GameAnalytics power almost every significant hyper-casual company in the world with superior attribution, automation, and analytics offerings. Our special integration enables GameAnalytics customers to use Adjust’s solutions out of the box. We are excited about moving the gaming industry forward with this partnership.” Andrey Kazakov, VP Partnerships at Adjust.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had many developers reach out to us with questions and concerns about GDPR regulations for games. We’ve provided best practice guidelines on how to become compliant, but this can be a tricky thing to manage effectively.

Now there’s a tool available to take this pressure off your hands, Ogury Choice Manager. Check the consent and preference management category for a detailed overview of this service and sign up for a special offer; GameAnalytics users can now access a free, no-obligation trial until 2021, courtesy of Ogury.

In today’s increasingly regulated world, app publishers need to put users’ choice front and center by giving them full control over how their data is processed. By providing GameAnalytics users direct access to Ogury Choice Manager, gaming publishers can easily access a Consent and Preference Management Platform that will ensure compliance whilst enabling them to continue to grow ad revenue.” Nandi Gurprasad, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Ogury.

Mediation: TopOn

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your players with ads on a truly global scale, TopOn integrates with all top ad networks in Europe and North America, and they’re the most popular mediation platform in China. Visit this toolbox page to get set up quickly with our SDK configurator.

As the top ad mediation provider in China, our powerful and cost-effective solution is gaining traction around the globe. We’re excited to partner with GameAnalytics to help all types of developers generate more value and a better understanding of their products.” Christina Liang, CEO at TopOn.

Give us your feedback

We’re hard at work adding new services and offers to this directory and our hope is that it helps developers large and small to get access to the services and offers they need to make the best games possible.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve the game developer’s toolbox. Or if you think there’s a great provider missing, just let us know.

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