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First look at Custom Segments

We are truly excited to share this first beta release of Custom Segments!

With Custom Segments, you’ll be able to break down your users with ease by defining per user attributes. Now you can define segments by values such as spend, demography, time played and profile the type of players active in your game.

We’ve worked hard to make this feature easy to use for everyone. The result is a cleaner way of using basic statements to define your segments. You’ll be able to run segments on different timeframes, which results in faster analysis. To top it all off, we’ll be processing your data in minutes, not in hours!

Feature breakdown

Define with per user attributes and statements
You can define your segment through basic statements all calculated on a per user basis, making it dead simple to include or exclude the right type of behavior.

Comprehensive reports
Processing your segments will provide you with a comprehensive report based on the key metrics in the areas of engagement and monetization.

Already defined segments
We couldn’t help ourselves so we created a bunch of segments you can start running on your data or alter for a better fit.

More metrics and dimensions coming soon
As this is a first look, this is not the final feature. We will add more metrics, dimensions and custom events along the way. So stay tuned for more to come.

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