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We’re Hosting A Mobile Dev Meetup On 25th April 2018!

We're hosting a Mobile Dev Meetup in London with talks from the developers of Monument Valley and the creator of Reigns, plus a talk from our COO about the behaviour of Chinese players.

What is the Mobile Games Dev Meetup?

The Mobile Games Dev Meetup is your opportunity to meet other game devs who have built and published addictive titles, learn how to improve your game, and develop your community. You can also find new, amazing people to work with, discover what games everyone else is building, and do your part to support the London game dev indie community!

In short, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, hear some fascinating insights, eat food, and quaff beers on a Wednesday night. Beats your regular old hump days, eh?

Where and when will it be?

The meetup will be taking place at WeWork Old Street, 41 Corsham St., Hoxton, London N1 6DR.

It will commence at 7.00pm and will finish around 9pm.

The closest underground station is Old Street on the Northern Line, and is roughly 15 minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station, Shoreditch High Street Station, and Hoxton overground stations.

Who will be there?

Joel Beardshaw, Senior Designer at Ustwo Games

Joel is part of the award-winning studio behind the acclaimed isometric puzzler series Monument Valley, the first of which alone has seen well over a whopping 50 million downloads since its release in 2014. His storied, decade-plus career in games has seen him work for AAA studios such as Codemasters, and his credits include Micro Machines and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

His talk will be about making “Games for Everyone” – discussing the processes he and his team go through when trying to create mobile games that have universal appeal, and will answer the question of how to make games that can be enjoyed by experienced gamers and non-gamers alike.

François Alliot, Founder of Nerial

François is the creator of the Reigns series, which saw success instantly, becoming a hit premium game with millions of downloads. His talk will be a deep dive on the Reigns series titled “Reigns of Chaos: Designing Reigns”. Since creating Nerial 4 years ago, the company has released 5 games across a multitude of genres:

Singular (a bubble paper puzzle game),

Magic Shot (an experimental French Billiards game),

Passengers (a migration smuggler satire management game),

Devouring Stars (a real-time strategy game with galactic foes),

– Reigns, and Reigns: Her Majesty (Kingdom management and adventure games).

Reigns takes inspiration from popular dating apps to deliver an in-depth adventure game that can be played by swiping

Ioana Hreninciuc, COO of GameAnalytics

Finally, our brilliant COO (Editor’s Note: Hi, Ioana!) will discuss our latest research into the APAC market with her talk “Looking East: Analyzing the Behavior & Preferences of Chinese Gamers”.  This talk will have some fascinating insights on the engagement, retention, and spending patterns of players in the world’s most populated country and economy. With over 40,000 games and 600 million players put under the microscope, this is one of the most comprehensive pieces of research currently available in the gaming market, and we’re looking forward to sharing our findings.

Can I come too?

Sure you can!

Just sign up to the Meetup page and let us know you’ll be coming!

Meetup Page.

I heard something about Pizza and beer?

Yes! Those are things! Things we will have at the event that you can also have! We’ll be providing free pizza and beer during the course of the evening, so get your cheat day planner out and prepare for some lovely food.

What if I’m lactose intolerant?

Then we may have nothing for you, and for that, I am sincerely sorry.

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