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Supporting BAME game dev teams with industry insights

To do our part to support the calls for racial equality around the world, we’re offering free access to our insights services for indie studios created or run by black or other ethnic minority leaders.

A few days ago, we issued a statement mentioning that we are willing to do our part to support the black community, as well as other ethnic minorities. Since then, we’ve been discussing ways to do this, not just now in the short term, but on an ongoing basis.

We are a small company, but something we do have plenty of is data and insights. We also have a wonderful community of talented indie game developers from around the world, who are working very hard to get their first hit. Knowing which mechanics, genre, or publisher to pick can make a massive difference in a prototype’s success, and insights are essential to that decision process.

We put two and two together and we’ve decided to offer up to 12 months free access to our premium insights service, Benchmarks+, for indie studios created or run by black or other ethnic minority leaders. This tool shows aggregated insights across the mobile gaming industry, helping developers and studios benchmark their games and identify key trends. Our hope is that this will help to support them on their journey towards launching their first hit.

Benchmarks+ allows you to see how your metrics compare to other top performing games, across different genres, regions and devices.

Accessing the services is super easy. Just get in touch via our contact form and provide more information about your studio. We’ll answer all requests in up to 5 days.

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