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New Shooter Genres & S/E Asia Filter in Benchmarks+

We’ve added two new genres and one new region to Benchmarks+. And we’re not stopping there. Read up on what’s new, and what’s coming.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Benchmarks+ buzz, then you’ll know that we recently added a huge batch of sub-genres into our tool just a few weeks ago. Now, following popular demand, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve included more shooter genres to this growing roster: ‘snipers’ and ‘tactical shooters’ (and we’re not stopping there). More details on this below 👇

Southeast Asia filter in Benchmarks+

A few of our users also asked for insights on Southeast Asia, which we’ve slipped in with this release, too. (The data is available from the beginning of the month, for the App Store genres only.) Again more details below. But if you’re a paying user, you can dive straight in and check the data here:

This is just the start of many changes to come (with a big update coming soon). But for now, here are those promised details on what we’ve included in this release:

What’s new in version 2.4:

You can now see stats for the Sniper games

These are FPS games specifically focused on a sniper theme with telescopic sights. Sniper games are all about meticulous accuracy; perching on top of a building and punching holes through bad guys from a mile away with the help of a high-calibre rifle.

And for Tactical shooter games

A tactical shooter is a sub-genre of shooter games that cover both the first-person shooter and third-person shooter genres. These games simulate realistic combat, thus making tactics and caution more important than quick reflexes in other action games.

You can also filter by Southeast Asia

We had some useful feedback that the ‘Asia’ region is quite broad, so added a specific view for Southeast Asia, giving more granularity into this unique market. The region includes these nations: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia.

We’re looking into adding more of these types of sub-regions, for example ‘Latin America’ and ‘Eastern/Western Europe’. You can add suggestions and vote on what we should add next here.

Flashback: there are over 35 sub-genres for you to explore

This was in our last update. But for those of you who missed it, we’ve now added over 35 sub-genres into Benchmarks+, for a much more granular level of research. Here’s an overview of what’s included:

Sub-genres in Benchmarks+

Please note, as a free user, you can only see the aggregated genre groupings for 2019, not individual sub-genres. Go premium to get the latest data and to explore benchmarks KPIs by a specific sub-genre.

What else have we done

  • Fixed bug causing selected genre data to stick
  • Processing data for more hyper-casual genre types
  • Launched a new website with updated platform details
  • Various other bug fixes and behind the scene updates

In case you missed it

  • VIP accounts available for multiple users (get in touch if you want studio access)

What’s coming next?

We have a lot planned in our pipeline. But here’s a look at what we’re working on now:

  • Various UI improvements planned
  • Adding more genres, regions, and metrics
  • Making filters available for sub-genres
  • A huge, game-changing update in v3 – stay tuned!
  • Want something else? Vote for features

Get started today

New to Benchmarks+? No problem. You can either sign up for a free tier, or unlock all features with our premium subscription. We hope you enjoy our tool, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon.

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