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Using our iOS SDK? You’ll need to update it now (before iOS 14 comes out)

The iOS 14 release is almost here. So what can developers do to be prepared? For starters, you'll need to update your SDKs.

Update: Apple will delay it’s IDFA changes in iOS 14 until early next year

Editor’s note: There’s been some news out since we last published this article. Apple has decided to postpone it’s planned IDFA restrictions until early next year (date TBC). So developers have a bit more breathing time to make the necessary updates. 

Which is great news. But we still recommend you update your SDKs now, rather than in a few months’ time. Here’s why: 


The iOS 14 update is fast approaching. From September early next year, players will be asked if they would like to allow or restrict data sharing, per app and game, on all Apple devices.

This will be a big change for game and app developers alike. So in preparation for this release, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to do. The big one being: update your SDKs.

Why GameAnalytics is ready for iOS 14

Before we explain why you need to update your SDK, it’ll be good for you to know how we collect users’ data, and why our SDK will still work.

The GameAnalytics SDK currently relies on the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) to track players. When the IDFA isn’t present, we still create a unique user ID that serves the same purpose.

We’ll keep collecting IDFA where it’s available, but we’ll no longer use it as the main ID associated with a user. Instead, we’ll primarily use the Identifier for Vendors (IDFV). This is more stable when collecting users IDs, and is more efficient with Apple’s new update.

We’ve already rolled this change out

Using the IDFV is better for your tracking, and we’ve already rolled this change out across our most popular iOS SDKs: Unity & native iOS.

Why you need to update your SDKs now

We’re updating our backend technology to reduce the impact of the iOS 14 release on your reporting, so the effects should be minimal. But, it’s still necessary and we highly recommend that you update your titles with the new SDK.

Implementing our new SDK is the best way to make sure you have the highest degree of accuracy in your data and reporting. Not just at the time of transitioning to iOS 14. But also in the aftermath, when users may change their privacy settings more frequently, and switch from one ID to another during their journey.

We also have game-changing new features

If you’ve been keeping up with our latest announcements, then you’ll know that we’ve released a bunch of new features. You can now experiment with A/B Testing, Remote Configs, and Ad Revenue collection. So all the more reason to update.

So what are you waiting for? Update your SDKs today. Any questions, reach out to our friendly support team. We’ll usually get back to you within a day.

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