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iMessage Games – Practical Tips on How to Build Them

The element of social interaction makes messenger games naturally ‘sticky’ for increased engagement and generally higher DAU. If you’re not already building an iMessage App, you should be. In this downloadable guide, we outline how.


What Are iMessage Games?

With a new App store comes new opportunities, and we'll guide you through the platform and why it's starting to make a name for itself.

Making A Great Game For A New Platform

We outline the technical setup for iMessage games, and explore how you can make the most out of the new platform on the block.

This Free eBook Contains...

It’s an exciting time when a platform or feature creates new opportunities with which you can make games. As a developer, being first to market can prove lucrative. As a new platform, iMessage shows great potential for new game developers. Developers are showing a strong vision for games that fit short play sessions and competitive play. Let's look at the platform itself, and how to make an iMessage game.


  • iMessage Game Design
  • iMessage: The Platform
  • How To Make An iMessage Game (And Why)
  • The Messages Framework