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Mobile User Acquisition – From 0 to 2M DAU (Case-Study)

In less than 2 years, FRVR has gained more than 2 million daily active users and 70 million all-time players. Within 6 months they reached $1500+ per day in ad revenue. Download the case-study.

Finding Success

We discuss how FRVR went from a simple idea to finding success on social networks and in Asia, the lucrative offers Founder Chris Benjaminsen turned down to keep his independence, and his rules for work and success.

Growing A Company

FRVR's founder tells the story of the company growing from a solo outing to a workplace that takes on multiple apprentices, full-time employees, and has started streamlining its processes to ensure its future growth.

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What You'll Find In This Case Study

It's one thing to devote years of your life to building games, and another altogether to turn these creations into a business success time after time. We follow the story of Chris Benjaminsen, founder of FRVR, from the early days of the company, finding success, and reaching 2 million daily active users for his games.


  • 01  About FRVR
  • 02  The Early Days
  • 03  Entering The Market
  • 04  Success!
  • 05  Moving Forward
  • 06  Shaping The Company
  • 07  Future Plans

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