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50+ Mobile App KPIs: An Essential Guide of What to Track

The most comprehensive, single list of key performance indicators to evaluate a mobile app’s value and success. A deep understanding of these KPIs and metrics will help you to place a valuation on your game and therefore attract the attention and resources of buyers, investors, and shareholders. Download the free PDF.

From The Basics...

We guide you through the basics of key performance indicators, allowing you to get a bearing on where to start, as well as some KPIs you might not have considered at the start of your analytical journey.

To Optimizing Your App...

From focusing on when and where your users pay for microtransactions, to finding out where they get stuck, and even the best indicators to make your journey onto App stores more comfortable, we've got you covered.

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What You'll Find In This Guide

Figuring out your mobile app’s value and assessing your app’s performance starts with knowing which mobile KPIs (key performance indicators) and mobile app metrics are the ones that you should care about and track. The process starts once your app is listed in the app stores and your “baby” is out in the world. Once it is being downloaded and used by your target audience, you’ll want to track how it is performing via the aforementioned KPIs and metrics. But how do you define success and measure your progress towards your ultimate goals?


  • 01  What Are Mobile KPIs?
  • 02  General Mobile App KPIs
  • 03  Engagement KPIs For Mobile Apps
  • 04  Revenue-Focused/Financial KPIs
  • 05  User Experience KPIs
  • 06  Mobile App Marketing KPIs
  • 07  App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • 08  Summary

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