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Indie Game Marketing Tips – From Launch to Success

In this downloadable guide, learn how a couple of relatively small indie game studios based in France launched and succeeded with their F2P games in notably different ways.

Lone Stone Studios

Company Co-Founder Pierrick shares his experience getting a mobile game studio started. He shares some tips and several decisions the team took to hopefully make both the company and their games a success.

Atelier 801

We got in touch Melanie Christin, the Co-Founder of Atelier 801, developers of Transformice. Its community has been extremely active since 2011. We asked her for tips and feedback on the company’s experience.

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What This Free eBook Contains

There’s nothing like learning from the experience of other developers. That’s why we went ahead and interviewed two young mobile game studios in the forms of Lone Stone Studios and Atelier 801. Get some tips and strategies to help make your games and studios a success from companies who've been there, done that, and told us their stories.


  • 01  About Lone Stone Studios
  • 02  The Making of City Invaders
  • 03  Creation vs Development
  • 04  About Atelier 801
  • 05  Starting out in F2P
  • 06  What F2P Taught Atelier 801

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