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Mobile Gaming Industry Analysis for 2017

Global analysis of annual performance benchmarks for the mobile gaming industry in 2017, looking at data from more than 40K mobile games.

40,000+ games included

We examined more than 40K+ games and selected the most popular genres for analysis, in order to understand how much certain KPIs vary over time.

4 key metrics analyzed

Across the top 20 app store genres, we take a deep-dive into Retention (D7), average session length, ARPPU, and stickiness (or DAU/MAU ratio).

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What you'll find in this report

In this report we examine the growth or decrease of gaming KPIs (what we call benchmarks), using aggregate data from all games on our platform. Over the past 4 years we’ve accumulated data for 40K+ titles and we currently track more than 2 billion devices, making our market insight an extremely reliable snapshot of the gaming industry.


  • 01  - What Are Benchmarks?
  • 02  - Genre Analysis
  • 03  - Retention Analysis
  • 04  - Session Length
  • 05  - ARPPU Analysis
  • 06  - Stickiness Trends
  • 07  - Key Takeaways

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