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Mobile Game Monetization: Tips and Strategies

Most indie games are not profitable. There are plenty of great games that come out all the time, but the sad truth is that making fun games isn't always enough to sell them. Download this guide for essential tips on how to turn your game into a financial success.

Our Two Cents on Zero-Budget Marketing

Marketing is often a tricky prospect whether you're an Indie Minnow or a AAA Megalodon. If you don't have the finances to market your game after all the time spent developing, then our guide on promoting your game with no budget is ideal for you.

Identify and Appeal to Your Biggest Customers

Finding the players who'll invest the most time and money into your free-to-play game can be a tricky task, let alone appealing to them to maximise your revenue. Our guide should help you identify them more easily.

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What You'll Find In This eBook

Monetization has been a hot topic in the games industry over the past years, ever since the rise of free-to-play games. In this free eBook, we discuss various strategies and tips you should employ to maximise your chances of revenue, from learning how to discover and appeal to the customers buying your microtransactions to marketing your indie game on no budget.


  • 01  Authors
  • 02  5 Steps To Marketing Your Indie Game With No Budget
  • 03  42 Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Game
  • 04  How To Identify Whales In Your Game
  • 05  Conclusions
  • 06  Summary

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