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Game Design Processes to Make Your UX & UI Shine

Clean and intuitive design can make a big difference to your retention and conversion rates. In this free guide we share tips on how to improve the user experience and user interface in your games.

What is UX Design?

We explain how to best develop for the optimal user experience to help ensure better retention and play in the long term.

Optimise Your UI and Graphics

We give you some strategies to optimise your game's interface and look to catch the eye of would-be consumers.

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What You'll Find In This Guide

User experience – or UX – is often an unknown domain for game developers. However, it’s a common role in software development teams, and for a good reason. Luckily, we have 5 tips to help improve the UX for your games. Meanwhile, we also have tips on how to make your game shine through the user interface, and why creating a great UI matters so much for customer attention and retention. Finally, we have several steps that you should take in order to help improve your game's graphics, and why it's so important to make sure that people's first impression of your game converts them into customers.


  • 01  5 Tips To Improve Your Game's User Experience
  • 02  What is UX Design?
  • 03  How To Make Your Game Shine And Increase Conversions
  • 04  Why Game UI matters
  • 05  3 Steps To Improve Your Game's Graphics
  • 06  Get Constructive Feedback!

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