Sugartown cover image
6 min read

Exploring Sugartown: Zynga’s NFT-Powered Universe

As Zynga releases their first Web3 game – Sugartown. Rather than in-app purchases or advertising, the game would rely on players buying, trading (and potentially earning) assets. Here's everything we know, and what it means for you.
Midjourney Cover Image
8 min read

Using AI to Supercharge Your Game Art Design

Discover how tweaking AI tool settings can help you generate varied art styles, produce better concepts, and speed up the process from prototype to final design. With AI on your team, creating unique game art has never been easier or faster.
Apple Vision Pro Cover image
6 min read

Apple’s Vision Pro: what will it do for the gaming industry?

Apple's new mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, sets the stage for a revolution in spatial computing, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for developers preparing for a future shaped by immersive technologies.
Brand spend cover image
6 min read

Will big brands buy more gaming ad space?

Could we see brands massively increase their in-game advertising budgets? Despite the promising predictions, some hurdles remain, including brand-safe slots, effective ad performance tracking, and a less than stable economic climate.
Tennis clash cover image
7 min read

How Tennis Clash scored a golden set

Tennis Clash was one of the most downloaded mobile games in 78 countries when it launched. And it’s had over 50 million downloads on Google Play alone. We look into some of the key factors of its success.
NFT cover image
5 min read

Is the hype dead for NFTs?

We all know that NFTs don’t have the best reputation at the moment. Has the hype died for them? Have NFTs run their course? We’re not so sure. Let’s look into the facts to see the real state of the industry.
3 min read

Creating concept art for games, with genAI

While it may not excel at everything yet, AI's prowess in concepting, storyboarding, and ideation has captured the industry's attention. Join us as we delve into the realm of GenAI, exploring its ability to create stunning concept art and assets for games.
Dialogue Trees Cover
14 min read

How to write perfect dialogue trees for games

One of the key times players get to make a choice is during dialogue. But how exactly do you create and plan all those branching paths?
Inclusivity in Games
11 min read

How to make your game more diverse and inclusive

How can you make your game more diverse, accessible, and inclusive? It's not only a great thing to do, but it can also open up your game to a larger audience. Here's our guide on how you can make more inclusive and diverse games.
Translation article
6 min read

Translating games: tips and best practices

Want to reach entirely new audiences and increase player engagement globally? Then let people play your game in their native language, but don’t fall into the pitfall of bad translation. Here are some examples and best practices for translating a mobile game.
hybrid monetization cover
6 min read

2023 will be the year of Hybrid Monetization

Many game studios have relied solely on a single strategy – typically advertising – to make their money. But as times change, we’ve seen a shift in the market. Hybrid monetization might not be new, but it’s now more than ever becoming an essential tactic for game studios. So what’s caused this trend? And how will it affect the industry throughout 2023?
2022 trends cover
18 min read

The top 22 mobile games of 2022

It’s been a busy year. Mergers and acquisitions left, right, and centre. New ownership of Twitter. More progress with NFTs and Web3. Even tighter regulations with the app stores. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But one thing that hasn’t changed is new hit games entering the market. And boy, we’ve been spoiled for choice over the last 12 months. So to end the year on a high, we rounded up our top 22 games to hit the charts this year. So grab your phone and get comfy. Here are the top games we loved playing this year. If you want some inspiration for games to binge over the holiday period, look no further. 22. Spinner Merge by Sunday.GG Think of this as a hyper-casual Beyblade game with a merge mechanic mixed in the middle. What we liked...
Device 6 cover image
12 min read

14 low-budget, highly successful story games

One of the reasons why hyper-casual games are so popular is due to how quick and easy they are to make. Simple controls, artwork, and game design make it easy for any developer to pick up. But hyper-casual isn’t the only way to go. There are other ways to build a game on a budget. One way is narrative. We’ve talked a lot about how to add new layers to your games by simply layering in a story. And we discussed how you need three Cs: character, conflict and change for your narrative. This time, we’ll look at the top games that use storytelling as a core mechanic and show you that you don’t need sparkling design and intense gameplay to create a hit. You just need an extra C: Choice. Because choice is how you can differentiate a book...

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