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  • Where can I find my Game Key and Secret Key?

    You can access your Game Key and Secret Key by clicking the “Game settings” gear icon and look for them in the “Game information” panel. Find more information on managing your GameAnalytics account here.

  • Can I delete a Game/Studio?

    You can archive games and studios by pressing the archive link in the upper right section of the tool. A list of all your existing games and studios will appear. Use the checkbox next to each item to archive the game or studio. If you archive a studio, all the games underneath it will also be archived.

  • How do I change what currency shows in GameAnalytics?

    You can change the currency of your monetization dashboard by opening your user profile settings and clicking on the Locale settings panel. We will automatically convert the received currency into the one selected in this setting. Code wise you can send the amount in the currency of billing by simply attaching the corresponding currency symbols to the business event. Make sure the amount is in cents, meaning if the user payed 1,99$ you need to multiply this value by 100 in order to convert it to 199 cents.

  • What time zone does GameAnalytics use? Can I change it?

    By default the tool is set to GMT +1 but you can always change the timezone of all dashboards by opening your user profile settings and clicking on the Locale settings panel.

  • How do I export my game data?

    If you are a Game or Studio admin you can export your data by clicking the “Game settings” gear icon, followed by accessing the “Export data” panel.


  • How can I find out more about GameAnalytics and GDPR compliance?

    At GameAnalytics, we’re committed to information security, privacy and transparency. As such, we’ve published a detailed GDPR FAQ, which outlines the measures we’ve put in place to ensure compliance, as well as some changes that game developers can make to be GDPR compliant for their players. For more information, read our GDPR FAQ for game developers.

  • How does GameAnalytics track users from China on Android?

    In Unity our SDK will use the old Android ID for tracking China players after the attempt for fetching the Advertising ID will fail. Also, building your own custom ID is a solution for tracking these players. For the native SDK you implicitly need to setup a custom ID if you are targeting users from China.


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