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Mobile Gaming Industry Analysis for 2018

60k+ titles. 3 billion+ devices. A whole heck of a lot of data. Let’s look at the state of the mobile games industry.

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Analysis of the Mobile Gaming Market in APAC

A collection of up-to-date data, with insights and tips for launching games in the Western mobile games market.

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Looking East: How To Launch Mobile Games In China

47k+ games, 8.2 billion+ events, 72 million+ Chinese players, all analyzed + explained to help you break into the biggest market in the world.

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APAC Games Industry

How JoyPac uses GameAnalytics to evaluate games for publishing in Asia

Since 2018, JoyPac has released 15 games in APAC, several of which were hits (top 3 in the most downloaded games on iOS in China). Learn about their success in the East, and the data-driven evaluation process the fuels it.

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Mobile Publishing

How do Homa Games use GameAnalytics to increase retention?

Learn how Homa Games increased player retention rates in Balls vs Lasers by more than 14% to secure their place at the top of global charts - in Korea and beyond.

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HTML5 Games

How SOFTGAMES lifted revenues by 30% with GameAnalytics

Find out how the world’s largest HTML5 games provider used GameAnalytics to improve engagement and grow revenues for their entire FB Messenger portfolio.

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Mobvista’s Xplore China 2019 – TikTok

In this video, TikTok presents the key reason for their recent exponential growth in the Chinese market.
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Mobvista’s Xplore China 2019 – GameAnalytics

In this video, we present a few key insights that can help game developers tackle the Chinese mobile market.
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Hyper-Casual in a Hypercompetitive Market – Voodoo

In this video, Voodoo shares their best tips, tricks, and advice for launching hit mobile games.
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