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gameanalytics integrations
5 min read
#Product updates

Seamless Switching: Keep Your Game Insights Engine-Agnostic

The importance of data in game development is undeniable and crucial for optimizing user experience, player retention, monetization, and more. GameAnalytics helps over 60,000 gaming studios optimize and improve their games, offering a well-supported ecosystem of integrations whatever your dev tools of choice. When considering switching engines, the real challenge lies in preserving historically collected data, which serves as a compass guiding future game enhancements and decision-making. We understand these concerns and make sure that you can confidently switch between engines, knowing that your historical data remains intact and actionable.All you need to do is instrument your SDK of choice, and the data collection continues in our engine-agnostic platform, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and continually refine your games. To make it as easy as possible, GameAnalytics is compatible with a wide range of not only engines but also...
Gaming investment cover image
11 min read
#Guest posts

Infinite worlds: The gaming investment landscape in 2023

The gaming market is a behemoth, with consumers expected to spend $185bn on games this year alone. But how can we expect to see the market evolve? Mattias Ljungman, Founder and Managing Partner of Moonfire, answers just that.
Sugartown cover image
6 min read

Exploring Sugartown: Zynga’s NFT-Powered Universe

As Zynga releases their first Web3 game – Sugartown. Rather than in-app purchases or advertising, the game would rely on players buying, trading (and potentially earning) assets. Here's everything we know, and what it means for you.
Afterverse PKXD
8 min read

Kid-Focused Design: The Secret to Engaging 750M Young Gamers

PK XD has over 500 million downloads on Android alone. It gets 30 million views on YouTube every week. And their average session length is 25 minutes a session, with people playing around an hour and a half a day. So what's the secret behind their success? Here's what we know.
Generative AI cover
7 min read
#Guest posts

Generative 3D creation with AI prompts

AI is evolving fast. From image generation to artificial assistants, we're seeing more uses for AI hit the market. 3D modeling included. Our friends at Sloyd are launching AI text prompting in their 3D web editor. They've shared all of the details for their latest release.
Zynga cover image
8 min read

Adapting to the changing games market: a Zynga spotlight

Every company has its ups and downs. But it’s how they regroup that matters. And Zynga is no different. so we thought we’d dive into what they did and how they came out the other side as one of the most successful mobile gaming companies in the world. We dive into Zynga’s strategy and how they recovered from losing half their revenue to rise back to $720 million a quarter.
4 min read
#Product updates

GameIntel market insights coming to GameAnalytics!

Following our major V3 update, we're keeping the releases coming. Get ready as GameAnalytics and GameIntel unite, bringing your game's KPIs and wider market insights together in one straightforward view. Better insights are on the horizon!
Midjourney Cover Image
8 min read

Using AI to Supercharge Your Game Art Design

Discover how tweaking AI tool settings can help you generate varied art styles, produce better concepts, and speed up the process from prototype to final design. With AI on your team, creating unique game art has never been easier or faster.
1 min read

Meet with us at Gamescom and Devcom 2023!

We're very excited to share that we're headed to Gamescom 2023! What's more, we'll also be around in Cologne a couple of days earlier for Devcom. It's an excellent opportunity to catch up and share all the latest happenings at GameAnalytics.
1 min read

Event Design & Tracking Guide for GameAnalytics

Learn how to create an adaptable tracking plan, enabling you to unlock richer insights and maximize the value of your data within GameAnalytics.
1 min read

From Zero to Hero: Tracking Key Success Pillars in Gaming

Our COO, Allison, recently joined Mobvista for the first episode of their "From Zero to Hero" video series. Watch the video today for a detailed overview into tracking three essential pillars of gaming success: Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization.
Apple Vision Pro Cover image
6 min read

Apple’s Vision Pro: what will it do for the gaming industry?

Apple's new mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, sets the stage for a revolution in spatial computing, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for developers preparing for a future shaped by immersive technologies.
Brand spend cover image
6 min read

Will big brands buy more gaming ad space?

Could we see brands massively increase their in-game advertising budgets? Despite the promising predictions, some hurdles remain, including brand-safe slots, effective ad performance tracking, and a less than stable economic climate.

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