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Gamification in apps cover
7 min read

Top gamification examples in mobile apps

We learn by playing. When we enter the world, we’re full of curiosity, and play has always been at the centre of how we satisfy that curiosity. Sadly, it’s beaten out of us when we go to school, and taking tests suddenly becomes a chore. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to learn while having fun. In fact, that’s exactly what some apps are doing. And it’s working. Games are the most popular genre on the app store. They’re masters in the art of keeping users engaged and happy. So how can we learn from them? What is gamification? You’ve probably heard the term ‘gamification’ before. But if you haven’t, it’s the act of taking gaming elements and mechanics and applying them to your non-gaming app. Often to ramp up retention and engagement. And it works. If we...
4 min read
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How ‘On Ice!’ got 95% of its installs from a single playable ad

Editors note: This article was originally written and published by Mindworks, a leading self-service creatives platform from Mintegral. You can find their original version here. Mindworks is giving GameAnalytics users exclusive trial access to create countless playables and advertise them for free with Mintegral. Hurry, this amazing offer is for a limited time only. Activate your free Playturbo trial How powerful can a premium playable ad be when it comes to user acquisition? Quite powerful, actually. Here is an example: a single playable ad created by Mindworks generated the lion’s share of downloads for ITI Studio’s game ‘On Ice!’. ITI: top hyper-casual developer with high quality standards for its ad creatives ITI is a well-known hyper-casual mobile gaming developer in the Japan market. Its hit title Rescue Cut, released in 2019, was named one of the best games of the...
Hyper-casual library article
6 min read

Hyper-casual bible: top resources for making a hit game

Building hyper-casual games is a great way to get into game development. With their short cycles and simple gameplay, crafting a hyper-casual title means you can learn important skills across game design and monetisation, which you’ll need for success in the mobile games industry. But how do you get started building a hyper-casual game? What exactly goes into creating a hit in this genre? What KPIs should you track and what results should you be aiming for? There’s a lot you should know before getting started. So before you get tapping away and developing your next hit, make sure to read through these resources to master everything ‘hyper’. 1. Understanding hyper-casual The hyper-casual genre is a unique one. It’s made up of short, satisfying, and simple gameplay, basic artwork, and relies heavily on ads to make money. So to kick...
8 min read

Publishing Like a Pro: GameFam Spotlight

Roblox has been blowing up over the last couple of years. Having initially launched back in 2006, the social gaming platform now boasts over 30 million games (what they call experiences), 52 million daily active users, and over 12 million creators worldwide. Recently, we’re starting to see more and more hit games launching on the Roblox stores – with one particular publisher shining bright in the ocean of Roblox devs: GameFam. Despite only founding the company in 2019, they’ve worked with a range of Roblox developers and helped publish over 30 successful titles on Roblox. So what’s their secret? How do they help these developers stand out? We’ve reviewed three of GameFam’s top published games: Twilight Daycare by Night Studio, All Star Tower Defense by Top Down Games, and Car Dealership Tycoon by Foxzie. Each one of these boasts over one...
Redcliffe city cover image
Trihex Studios
#Case study

Trihex Studios: delighting 40M players with analytics

GameAnalytics gave a voice to Redcliff’s silent majority Eric and Tae discovered early on that most developers can end up only listening to a few very vocal players. But those players often aren’t representative of the entire player base. For one, over half of Roblox’s players are under 12 years old. Not exactly the sort to engage with a developer or fill out an online survey. In fact, under most privacy laws — a developer isn’t even legally allowed to collect that information, as it could reveal personal information about a minor. “It’s not the user’s responsibility to tell you what they want, though,” Eric explained. “It’s our responsibility as developers to figure out what the player wants and needs in the game. But you need to be careful. It’s very easy to set up a Discord server and get...
6 min read

6 (more) narrative techniques to make better games

In our last article, we covered the three major C’s of storytelling: character, conflict, and change. Using these rules will set the foundation of your game’s narrative. But that doesn’t mean your work is done. There’s so much more to building a strong narrative. And in part two of our storytelling series, we cover six narrative techniques you can use in your titles to help boost your storytelling and character development. Let’s get to it. 1. Consider a shared story You might not want to go into a huge amount of detail for every game you create (especially if you’re working with hyper-casual or casual titles – which have notoriously short lifespans). While it would make each game unique, it can take a lot of time. Instead, think about whether you can create a single story that all your games tie...
2 min read
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Top 10 Hyper-casual Game Ad Networks in 2022 (Q3)

Editor’s note: This article was written and published by Tenjin. You can find their original version here.  We have released our “Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report” for Q3 2022. In this report, you’ll gain exclusive insights on ad spend and CPI on a country and platform level. Additionally, we have partnered with GameAnalytics to bring you a Day 1 and Day 7 retention benchmark. Here is a full list of what you will find in the report: Top countries by ad spend and CPI Top ad networks by ad spend and CPI Day 1 and Day 7 retention for the top 2% of games by platform (by GameAnalytics) Here is a sneak peak from the report… Tenjin data from Q3 2022 shows that Brazil is the biggest outlier in the report with very low CPI (0.06 on Android, and 0.14 on iOS) relative to...
1 min read

Improving funnels processing from ~20 mins to seconds

Editor’s note: we recently shared details of a major GameAnalytics update which includes a substantial overhaul to our product and infrastructure. Check it out for more context. At GameAnalytics we have been using Apache Druid and Imply ( for over four years  to power our analytical backend, allowing us to achieve a responsive frontend experience for our users. This is due to the low latency querying that Druid enables through the usage of approximation algorithms. Recently we had the opportunity to present the work behind our Druid implementation in the BigDataLDN 2022 event, where we covered our new funnels feature and the usage of the Theta Sketch algorithm from the Apache DataSketches library ( Here’s a recording of the talk. Enjoy!
6 min read
#Product updates

Our Open Beta has landed

What’s going on? If  you missed it before, we recommend that you check out this post we shared a few days ago for more context: GameAnalytics is changing… As promised, we will now deliver more detail on the Open Beta. We’ve included a video introduction and also a list of all major features describing what functionality is delivered initially and what additions to expect over the following months. See it in action In this video, Kasia from our product team gives a detailed overview of all the new functionality available in our Open Beta. It covers all key features — please give it a watch to get the most out of this update! What is the Open Beta? The Open Beta is a period of time when a new and separate version of GameAnalytics is available whilst features are being...
Redcliffe Games cover image
6 min read

Reaching a +40M playerbase: advice from Trihex Studios

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably heard of Roblox. It’s a gaming platform with over 30 million games – which they call experiences – 52 million daily active users (DAU) and 12 million creators at the time of writing. One of the keys to its success is that it makes it exceptionally easy to create and release games on its platform. We spoke with Tae Kim and Eric Park, co-founders of Trihex Studios and the minds behind Redcliff City – one of the most popular titles on Roblox which has, this year alone, amassed a community of more than 40 million unique players. During our conversation, we asked them what mobile developers could learn from Roblox and how they could make the move over to the platform. Here’s their advice. First up,...
4 min read
#Product updates

GameAnalytics is changing…

Editor’s note: since we posted this we’ve been busy bees; we’re delighted to say that the Open Beta is now live! For more details (including a video demo), check out our Open Beta update here. About this change We’re truly excited to announce that we’ll soon be launching a major, much anticipated and much revamped version of GameAnalytics. In this update, we’ll share details about what we’re changing, why we decided to make these updates, and what improvements you can expect them to bring. So… what’s going on? Over the past few years, we’ve focused on developing a new version of GameAnalytics, bringing huge improvements to load times, studio management, game organisation, funnels, AB testing and event level analysis with our explore tool. This is just the tip of the iceberg; our new version represents a fundamental overhaul to our...
Narrative article cover image
7 min read

Improving your mobile game with narrative (Pt 1)

What comes to mind when you think about narrative design? You probably imagine Bioshock, Mass Effect or even Stanley Parable – story-driven games where the player’s choices affect the ending. How could you possibly incorporate any of that into a mobile game? But narrative design isn’t just about branching storylines and giant flowcharts. It can actually be a lot more subtle. Narrative design is about creating a consistent narrative. It’s not just about telling a story, but about showing it in your mechanics, user interface and prompts. It’s the small snippets of audio, item descriptions and visual iconography. Narrative design is about deciding what your story is and making sure that you’re staying consistent with that larger vision. In this article, we’re going to explain the basics of a good story and then talk about a few ways you can...
7 min read
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How MondayOFF increased IPM by 57% with playable ads

Editors note: This article was originally written and published by Mindworks, a leading self-service creatives platform from Mintegral. You can find their original version here. Mindworks is giving GameAnalytics users exclusive trial access to create countless playables and advertise them for free with Mintegral. Hurry, this amazing offer is for a limited time only. Activate your free Playturbo trial The success of playables in Asia In Japan and South Korea, where banners and video ads dominate, the emerging playable ads have significantly changed people’s perception of ads, thanks to the immersive, highly interactive ad experience they provide. At the same time, these playable ads are also helping the games break out and make a splash on the global market. According to UA data from Mintegral: Playable ads increase IPM by over 85% on average in Japan and Korea, and 40%...

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