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About GameAnalytics Pro

Upgrading to GameAnalytics Pro provides a powerful suite of advanced tools and features designed to elevate your understanding of player behavior and enhance overall game performance. With Pro, developers and game studios gain access to detailed analytics, comprehensive player engagement metrics, and the ability to tailor their analyses based on specific events and triggers within the game. This upgrade also unlocks health monitoring features to swiftly identify and address potential technical glitches and errors within their game builds. Continue reading to explore all the features included in the Pro package.

What's included?

Quick glance at Pro perks

Beyond the basics

Engagement tracing

Peel back layers of player behavior with enhanced engagement analysis. By configuring custom start and return conditions, you gain the power to thoroughly examine user actions and return patterns. This robust tool allows you to gauge the depth of player engagement with your game – such as players that completed your tutorial and then went on to make an in-game purchase.

Screenshots of Retention, Triggers, and Event actions components
Autopilot insights

Scheduled reporting

Your key metrics delivered to you, including organization metrics summaries and KPI breakdowns for your top games, delivered when and how you prefer. Scheduled KPI reports keep you on top of your game's performance, giving you more room to focus on what matters - creating successful games.

Screenshots of Status, Configure report, and Summary components
Grasp the big picture

Portfolio overview

A dedicated Organization-level feature crafted for a comprehensive understanding of your game business performance. Our unified dashboard showcases key metrics for your top 20 games in one single, easy to read view, helping you to pinpoint opportunities and direct your resources effectively.

Screenshots of New users and DAU (top countries) components
Spot the snags

Enhanced health monitoring

We're enhancing our existing error reporting functionality to offer deeper insights into the technical aspects of player experiences. Dive into FPS and Memory usage histograms, and track your game's boot time across different builds. These advanced insights empower you to optimize gameplay for the best user experience.

Screenshots of Error reports, device memory usage, and experience gauge
Gaming insights, unleashed

Store Intelligence

Access real-time global rankings, dive into game performance histories, and grasp market trends all in one tool. Stay ahead of your competitive with essential insights and data, right at your fingertips.

A screenshot of the Benchmarks dashboard
Market performance, mapped

Benchmark trends for all major KPIs

Our Benchmarks feature provides industry insights by comparing your game's performance metrics, such as retention and engagement, to a vast dataset of over 100,000 real titles. It offers valuable context for assessing your game's success and making informed strategic decisions.

A screenshot of the Benchmarks dashboard
Data your way

Metrics API access

Whether connecting to internal platforms or popular BI tools, enjoy low-latency data transfer to create bespoke reporting dashboards. From building publisher interfaces to catering to unique analytical use cases, uncapped access to the Metrics API ensures your data is both versatile and instantly actionable in any platform.

A screenshot of the Metrics dashboard

Elevate Your Analysis

Step up to Pro

GameAnalytics lays a robust foundation. But, our Pro tier is where deeper insights can be accessed over time. As your game studio scales up, going Pro unlocks the advanced analytics you need for that competitive edge.

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