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The fastest growing studios choose GameAnalytics

  • Jam City
  • Voodoo
  • Huuuge Games
  • Round Zero
  • FRVR
  • Yodo1
  • Fingersoft
  • Tasty Pill
  • Cheetah Mobile
  • Fluffy Fairy Games
  • Game Hive
  • Two Men and a Dog
  • Illusion Labs
  • Crossy Road
  • Gazeus
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How GameAnalytics helps Voodoo identify promising games for publishing deals

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  • 52,000+

    Game developers use our free analytics platform.

  • 63,000+

    Games collecting data with one of our SDKs.

  • 850M+

    Monthly active players seen on our platform.


How SOFTGAMES lifted revenues by 30% with GameAnalytics

Find out how the world’s largest HTML5 games provider used GameAnalytics to improve engagement and grow revenues for their entire FB Messenger portfolio.

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Customers Customers
Customers Customers
Crossy Road

How player data helped the chicken cross the road

Since launch, Crossy Road has had more than 50 million downloads. Learn how we helped the developers behind this smash hit improve everything from gameplay, to IAP, progression and retention.

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What are people saying?

  • Avatar

    Gabriel Rivaud

    Product Manager | Voodoo

    "I use GameAnalytics daily to keep an eye on the key KPIs for our range of our games. It’s an essential tool for all data driven gaming studios. Highly recommended."

  • Avatar

    Andy Sum

    Co-Founder | Hipster Whale

    "GameAnalytics is an essential tool to help us understand how people are playing Crossy Road - love it!"

  • Avatar

    Alexander Krug


    "The tools from GameAnalytics have helped us increase our monetization performance by up to 30% for several of our Messenger titles."

  • Avatar

    Matti Kallonen


    "We absolutely love GameAnalytics. The real-time metrics are a lifesaver for tracking our campaigns."

  • Avatar

    Chris Benjaminsen

    Founder | FRVR

    "We use GameAnalytics to get all the insight we need about our players on all platforms, from iOS to FB Instant."

  • Avatar

    Nate Barker

    Director of BD | Fluffy Fairy Games

    "Our continued success is dependent on GameAnalytics providing critical gaming KPIs at our fingertips."

  • Avatar

    Igor Karev

    CEO | Tatem Games

    "Happy to use GameAnalytics for all of our products. Very convenient and easy to use. The tools give us lots of important and detailed information to understand in-game data."

  • Avatar

    Dennis Korf

    Product Owner Governor | Poker

    "GameAnalytics is a great platform for all your analytics basics +some. It’s an easy way to have all your main KPIs in one place and to quickly find improvements in your game design. We’ve doubled KPIs in many games by using GameAnalytics."

  • Avatar

    Mark C. Wang

    Co-Founder | Game Hive

    "Game Analytics help us to understand at the player behaviour in both macro and micro level. We rely on it."

  • Avatar

    Kevin O’Neil

    Owner | Candywriter, LLC

    "With its plethora of real time insights and benchmarking features, GameAnalytics is an indispensable tool for our operation. We wouldn’t build another game without it."

  • Avatar

    Daniel Korczak

    CEO | Swift Apps

    "GameAnalytics has been a great help in development of our games. The tool gives us a new perspective which lets us understand our users’ behavior better."

  • Avatar

    Marcus Dawson

    CEO | Illusion Labs

    "I really like the GameAnalytics platform. It’s an excellent free tool that helps to shape many of our daily decisions."

  • Avatar

    Emre Taş

    CEO | Clown Games

    "Thanks to GameAnalytics, we make decisions about player engagement by using heaps of custom events with relative ease."

  • Avatar

    Derrick Alain Mapagu

    CEO & Founder | Most Played Games

    "GameAnalytics is simple to use and very powerful at the same time and is one of the best options out there for Mobile App Analytics. Integrated seamlessly to our workflow without any issues and provides us with the information we need. 5 Thumbs Up!"

  • Avatar

    Ramprasad Rajendran

    Co-Founder | HashCube

    "GameAnalytics has been the first third party analytics tool that we started to use. We absolutely love all the features it provides. We love the ability to create funnels for events, so we can see drop-off points in our games. Thank you!"

  • Avatar

    David Zilberfayn

    Founder | Appsolute Games

    "GameAnalytics has proven to be a very reliable partner for us when it comes to measuring the KPIs in our games. Their team is always looking for feedback and to add key features that we feel would help us better understand our players."

  • Avatar

    Mike Monaco

    Co-Founder | DistinctDev

    "GameAnalytics puts all of our high level KPI’s in one place, allows us to take deep dives into our data when necessary, and helps us groom and optimize our game flow."

  • Avatar

    Jakub Pokorski

    CEO | Efez Games

    "GameAnalytics is a simple and powerful tool that we use in our every mobile game. It helps us to track player behaviour, so we know exactly which issues in user experience and monetization can be improved."

  • Avatar

    Sophie Malene Jørgensen

    Studio Manager | Copenhagen Creators

    "GameAnalytics helps us gain a better understanding of our users’ behaviour so we can keep improving our games. We love the amazing and easy-to-use dashboards!"

  • Avatar

    Paul Salameh

    Owner | Zakeh

    "Happy to use GameAnalytics for all of our products. Very convenient and easy to use tools give us important and detailed information to understand in-game data."

  • Avatar

    Teemu Haila

    Co-Founder & CPO | PlayRaven

    "Out of all analytics solutions we’ve ever tried, GA is the one our engineers actually WANT to integrate and use even during prototyping!"

  • Avatar

    Emre Tuncbilek

    Co-Founder | Amelos Interactive

    "Games are art undoubtedly, but we use science to create art and rely on GameAnalytics to differentiate Snakeio from competition based on player behavior; in real-time!"

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