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Written by Edward Price

We’re Hosting A Mobile Dev Meetup On 27th March 2018!

What is the Mobile Games Dev Meetup? The Mobile Games Dev Meetup is your opportunity to meet other game devs who have built and published addictive titles, learn how to improve your game, and develop your community. You can also find new, amazing people to work with, discover what games everyone else is building, and […]

Learn how to analyse your players

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Thoughts On Mobile Gaming – An Interview With PocketGamer

Written by Edward Price

No Mobile Ad Blindness: Making Sure Users Actually Open Their Eyes And See Your Ads

Ads are a part of daily life for pretty much everyone, and in most cases, we’re probably all pretty good at tuning them out. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a billboard, a banner ad on a website, or a pre-roll message on a video or podcast, the various ads that we’re bombarded with probably barely […]

The 10 Best Digital Board Games For Your Mobile

In recent years board games have had a revival – the hobby is growing faster than ever and the diversity of the games on the market is truly extraordinary. Even though part of the appeal of the hobby is its physical and social format, digital board games soon followed its analog brothers and sisters, proving […]

GameAnalytics Will Be At GDC 2018!

GDC is one of the world’s largest professional games industry events. Game designers, programmers, artists, producers, and more will be present for 5 days, from March 19th-23rd 2018. There are plenty of lectures, panels, and tutorials, as well as opportunities to network and educate yourself further. Last year saw Nintendo developers give a talk on […]

GameAnalytics Is Now Compatible With Apache Cordova!

Good news, everyone! We here at GameAnalytics are proud to announce that our software is now compatible with Apache Cordova, making it even easier to optimise your games made with the free-open source software that allows you to create your games with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and target multiple platforms with one code base. It […]

Thoughts On Mobile Gaming – An Interview With PocketGamer

Ric Cowley has been working at SteelMedia for nearly 3 years, and has recently been promoted to the role of Editor at PocketGamer.co.uk. We spoke to him about the biggest trends in mobile games, what he enjoys as a consumer, how to get your games noticed by the press, and the overwhelming prevalence of games […]

UX Insights: Golfclash’s Swing To Success!

Sport simulation games have been a massively popular genre in video games industry since the early 70’s. Many of you must have grown up playing franchises like NBA, FIFA, Ashes, Madden NFL, NFS, Football Manager, Tiger Woods – PGA and many more sports titles across PC and consoles. “Real world sports games imbibe natural qualities […]

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