Your gameplay data, collected and delivered

Flexible and low-cost data processing tools for your studio (with typical setup in days, not months).

Connecting over 10,000 of the world’s leading game studios to their players

Grow your studio, not your infrastructure cost

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Access everything from APIs, to data warehouses and raw gameplay data. Easily build your own game data processing systems, with low cost and low effort.

Metrics API Keycard

  • Check Update your internal data systems with programmatic access to metrics
  • Check Receive KPI's for each individual game in single query
  • Check Query KPI's aggregated across your entire Organization

Player Warehouse Storage

  • Check Flexible querying with SQL access
  • Check Correlate your data from multiple sources
  • Check Uncover new insights

Raw Export Export

  • Check Export and transfer your player data into your own tools
  • Check Analyze the raw numbers
  • Check Check and mix it up with data from other sources and tools
Metrics API

Give your metrics an extra dimension

Metrics API shows you all your games' KPIs in one place. So you can see the big trends across your entire portfolio.

  • Integrate metrics into your internal systems
  • Compare the KPIs that matter most, fast
  • Programatically vizualise trends in your own BI tools
Player Warehouse

Data stockpiled, ready for you to dive into

Player Warehouse is a storage system that holds all your user data from all your games. It's all organized, ready for you to run reports in seconds.

  • Find new insights, updated daily
  • Flexible querying with SQL access
  • Compare data from multiple sources
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Raw Export

All your data, served raw

Raw Export sends all your game data in JSON format directly to your AWS or Google BigQuery account, allowing you to crunch the data however you like.

  • Your player data directly delivered in real time
  • Combine data from your other sources
  • Flexible and configurable custom event fields
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Organization API

Easily get programmatic access to your account management features. Add games, users and permissions all through an easy-to-use API.

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Data Visualization

Using your data from the Player Warehouse, create visual reports and tweak them with freedom. Explore and vizualize your data without a single line of code.

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