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Make smart, data-driven decisions that help optimize your entire portfolio of games. Join the world's leading studios who use GameAnalytics to cut out the guesswork, improve KPIs, and learn more from player behaviour whilst staying compliant.

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Get a comprehensive overview of your entire game portfolio, optimize individual games and push changes with ease. Quickly create custom dashboards and reports, compare data across dimensions, view ad revenue, run A/B tests and monitor performance in real-time.

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Secure and compliant

Become privacy-first with GameAnalytics

We make information security one of our main priorities, supporting you with your effort to stay compliant with regulatory frameworks like GDPR and CCPA. Our ongoing commitment to information security is backed by independent accreditation bodies.

Unmatched connectivity

Supporting 30+ game engines and services

Whether you’re using Unity, Unreal, Roblox, or even building your own engine we’ve got you covered with C++, Javascript, Mono, and our open REST API. With GameAnalytics, getting tools, rich insights and supporting data into your game has never been easier!

  • Unity 3D
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Javascript
  • Unreal
  • Meta
  • Roblox
  • C++
  • C#

Get started with 1 line of code!

Unity SDK
// Initialize Unity SDK
Roblox SDK
// Initialize Roblox SDK
GameAnalytics:initServer("[YOUR_GAME_KEY]", "[YOUR_SECRET_KEY]")
Unreal SDK
// Initialize Unreal SDK
UGameAnalytics::initialize("GAME_KEY", "SECRET_KEY");
iOS (Swift) SDK
// Initialize iOS (Swift) SDK
GameAnalytics.initialize(withGameKey: "game key", gameSecret: "secret key")
iOS (Objective-C) SDK
// Initialize iOS (Objective-C) SDK
[GameAnalytics initializeWithGameKey:@"game key" gameSecret:@"secret key"];
Android SDK
// Initialize Android SDK
GameAnalytics.initializeWithGameKey(activity, "[game key]", "[secret key]");
JavaScript SDK
// Initialize JavaScript SDK
gameanalytics.GameAnalytics.initialize("[game key]", "[secret key]");
Unity SDK
// Initialize Unity SDK
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Even more options to help your studio scale

Streamline studio management and collaboration. Schedule daily email reports, invite publishing partners to your whole studio or just selected games, and gain insight into studio performance for informed decision making. No hidden costs.

Manage your portfolio

Access APIs to seamlessly integrate metrics into your own systems, process player-level events in data warehouses, and view raw gameplay data in JSON format for custom processing. It’s all possible with DataSuite.

Learn about DataSuite

Improve compliance and security with a private instance. Enjoy all of the features of GameAnalytics on your own servers, enabling custom reporting, functionalities, and branding - without having to build it and manage it in-house.

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