Measure, understand and control player experiences in a
single tool, used in more than 38,000 games.

  • Context for your data

    Industry benchmarks

    Get relative insight into the health of your game by comparing it to 12,000+ titles in all genres.

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    Truly cross-platform

    Start tracking any game in just 5 minutes with our 18+ SDK integrations, for all major platforms.

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    100% free to use

    Our powerful tool is completely free to use. No premium tiers, caps or limitations on features!

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One global player view
to rule them all

Launching your game in Asia is challenging enough without analytics getting in the way. That’s why our servers span from San Francisco to Beijing: so we can build one player view that you can trust above all others. Our customers across the world seem to agree...

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One global player view to rule them all
Slice and dice data until it’s just right

Slice and dice data
until it’s just right

Want to zoom in on players from a specific country who have used the new sword powerup and spent at least 10 gems? Easy - we've created powerful multidimensional filtering, so you can define custom player segments and understand behavior like never before.

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Change gameplay in real-time

Coming soon

Is the bazooka blowing up every NPC and breaking your in-game economy? You can now change the damage setting in seconds, without updating the app on thousands of devices. Set a new configuration right from your analytics and compare the results. It’s that easy.

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Fine-tune gameplay in real-time with your analytics

The most integrated game
analytics platform around

We provide dedicated SDKs for every major platform and game engine. With 18+ integrations and counting, we have you covered no matter what (now and in the future).

"I use GameAnalytics daily to keep an eye on key KPIs for all our games. It's an essential tool for all data driven gaming studios."

Gabriel Rivaud Product Manager

"GameAnalytics has proven to be a very reliable partner for us when it comes to measuring the KPIs in our games."

David Zilberfayn Founder

"I really like the GameAnalytics platform. It's an excellent free tool that helps to shape many of our daily decisions with data."

Marcus Dawson CEO

"GameAnalytics helps us understand our players and improve our games. We love the amazing and easy-to-use dashboards!"

Sophie Jørgensen Studio Manager
Gabriel Rivaud Product Manager
David Zilberfayn Founder
Marcus Dawson CEO
Sophie Jørgensen Studio Manager

Loved by some of the most successful game studios on earth

GameAnalytics is trusted by more than 16,000 game developers for a good reason. It's the most connected, intuitive, feature rich free platform available. Don't believe us? → check out the demo!

  • Fast & completely free

    That's right, we’re completly free without tiers, limitations or caps on events → find out how

  • Built for collaboration

    Connect as many games and company users as you want, for an unlimited number of players.

  • Fix bugs faster

    Set up error event logging for your games so that you can quickly view and fix any issues that arise.

  • Global coverage

    Quick and reliable access wherever in the world you are, from San Fran, to London, to Beijing.

  • Fully customizable

    Track the metrics that matter most with fully customisable dashboards, events and segments.

  • It works everywhere!

    Available for everyone with frequently updated SDKs for all major game engines and platforms.