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With GameAnalytics, you can collect, visualize, and understand your player data all in one platform.

Monitor the performance of your games in real time

Closely follow the health of your title by tracking things like DAU, new users, paid campaigns, and error events as they happen.

Expose and fix critical issues in your player flows

Discover difficult gameplay elements that are causing players to drop off with funnels, and compare how cohorts convert.

Customize your game without updates

Use remote configs to trigger updates to your live games without updating or adding extra code to the App Stores.

Easily connect and manage your entire game portfolio

Monitor all of your titles from one convenient dashboard, and get automated email reports with a breakdown of key health metrics.

See everything that’s happening in your game

Get faster insights with more than 50 gaming KPIs available from the minute you integrate, on pre-configured dashboards.

Learn which paid campaigns are most successful

Connect with our supported attribution integrations to understand your top performing channels and campaigns.

Analytics built for everyone, no matter the game


Big or small, publisher or studio, our free analytics dashboards are built for all types of developers and mobile games.

Developers: Easy to use analysis tools, with a fully equipped support team to help you get started.

Studios: Manage a large portfolio of games and get instant insights with custom dashboards, or use predefined views to get started.

Publishers: Measure core KPIs and learn the true value of your and your partner titles. Use GameAnalytics to discover new talent, and save yourself ⏰ and 💰

Track anything and everything

Unlimited events (within reason). Get started in minutes, not hours.

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Track purchases in iOS
Track purchases in Android
Alternate business event with resource events
//99 means $0.99

#if (UNITY_IOS) //platform dependant flag check
// iOS - with autoFetchReceipt
GameAnalytics.NewBusinessEventIOSAutoFetchReceipt (“USD”, 99, “InGameCurrency”, “1000coins”, “shop”);
// Retrieve receipt & signature encoded Base64 and create an event

GameAnalytics.NewBusinessEventGooglePlay (“USD”, 99, “InGameCurrency”, “1000coins”, “shop, “+RECEIPT+”, “+SIGNATURE+”);
// Player purchases 1000 coins with real money
GameAnalytics.NewBusinessEventGooglePlay(“USD”, 99, “InGameCurrency”, “1000coins”, “shop, “+RECEIPT+”, “+SIGNATURE+”);

// Track virtual currency acquisition by using a Resource event GameAnalytics.NewResourceEvent(GAResourceFlowType.Source, "Coins", 1000, “Consumable”, “Purchases”);
Track in-game currency usage
Track in-game currency gain
// "lives" is the currency
// 2 is the amount
// "Consumable" is the item type.
// "lives-2" is the item ID
GameAnalytics.NewResourceEvent(GAResourceFlowType.Sink, “lives”, 2, “Consumable”, “lives-2”);
// gems is the currency
// 100 is the amount
// "Consumable" is the item type.
// "gems-100" is the item ID
GameAnalytics.NewResourceEvent(GAResourceFlowType.Source, “gems”, 100, “Consumable”, "gems-100");
Fully automate stack trace in Unity
Guard suspicious code with custom error events
Track debug logs directly into GameAnalytics
catch (Exception ex)
GameAnalytics.NewErrorEvent(GAErrorSeverity.Error, ex.ToString());
GameAnalytics.NewErrorEvent(GAErrorSeverity.Debug, "This class actually got to this part of the code");
Track level starts
Track level completions
Track level failures
GameAnalytics.NewProgressionEvent(GAProgressionStatus.Start, "Level_1");
GameAnalytics.NewProgressionEvent(GAProgressionStatus.Complete, "Level_1");
GameAnalytics.NewProgressionEvent(GAProgressionStatus.Failed, "Level_1");
Track custom events such as Tutorial Steps
Track any milestones and a value that represents their progress
Track game secrets
// track how far the player managed to fly. 789 represents for instance meters GameAnalytics.NewDesignEvent("Flying:Distannce", 789);
// track players that enter secret rooms
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I use GameAnalytics daily to keep an eye on key KPIs for all of our titles. It’s an essential tool for games studios.


Gabriel Rivaud

VP of Games | Voodoo

Publishers of: Helix Jump, Dune,

GameAnalytics gives detailed insights about our players, including the many millions based in China.


Allison Bilas

COO | JoyPac

Publishers of: Skip School, Fluffy Fall, Master of Repair

GameAnalytics puts all of our KPIs in one place, and helps us to track design events and optimize our game flow.


Andy Sum

Co-Founder | Hipster Whale

Developers of: Crossy Road, Shooty Skies

We absolutely love GameAnalytics. The real-time metrics are a lifesaver for tracking our campaigns.


Matti Kallonen

CEO | Two Men and a Dog

Developers of: Zombie Catchers

Our continued success is dependent on GameAnalytics providing critical gaming KPIs at our fingertips.


Nate Barker

Director of BD | Fluffy Fairy Games

Developers of: Idle Minor Tycoon

We use GameAnalytics to get all the insight we need about our players on all platforms, from iOS to FB Instant.


Chris Benjaminsen

Founder | FRVR

Developers of: Hex FRVR, Basketball FRVR, Balloons FRVR

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