GameAnalytics Indie Program

Empowering indie studios for success

At GameAnalytics, we believe in breaking down barriers and allowing studios of all shapes and sizes access the data they need to optimize and boost their games. Our Indie Program is designed to empower smaller developers with premium functionality without the financial hurdles.

Gain access to Pro features, join the community of like-minded developers, and set your game to success. This all for $99, locked-in for one year.

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What's included?

The GameAnalytics indie developer package

Access to all Pro features and perks

GameAnalytics Pro reflects our commitment to offer a more advanced analytics platform that grows with your studio. These are some of the the features you will unlock:

  • Engagement tracing
  • Health monitoring
  • Market benchmarks
  • API access

Way in to the indie community

As part of our Indie Program, you're becoming a vital part of our indie studios network. We've set up a dedicated Slack channel - a space to connect, share insights, and foster collaborations. Here is what you can expect:

  • Networking with like-minded developers
  • Event and conference invitations
  • Discounts & promotional opportunities

Influence future developments

As a member of the GameAnalytics Indie Program, your studio gains an opportunity to directly influence the evolution of the GameAnalytics data solutions. This is what we mean:

  • Provide feedback directly to our development team
  • Influence roadmaps and contribute to decision-making
  • Get early access to beta features and updates

Get ready to scale

Who is the Indie Program for?

The criteria for enrollment in the GameAnalytics Indie Program are carefully settled to ensure that participating developers can maximize the benefits and the access is granted to studios at a similar stage in their game dev journey. We require your studio to comply with all of the following:

Less than 100,000 combined MAU.

Less than 20 employees.

Less than $5 million in funding (from any source).

You have a registered games company.

NOTE: Applying studios must be signed up for GameAnalytics and have implemented the SDK.

Pricing and offer duration

Cost-efficient analytics for indie developers

Indie studios gain access to the full suite of GameAnalytics Pro features for just $99 per month. This exclusive pricing is locked in for an entire year.

Additional cost of $0.50 is only charged for every 1K MAU, once you scale over 2M MAU. After a year of elevated analytics and community perks, the pricing transitions to our standard rates. It's a straightforward process; we don't grant extensions, but we do open the door to continued success.

Applying for the GameAnalytics Indie program is a straightforward process. Just complete the form below, providing details about your studio. We'll review each application individually evaluating the admission requirements. If your application is approved, you'll receive a discount code via email. In the event of non-acceptance, we'll provide reasons for our decision.

We do not gatekeep your success. While maximum of 100K MAU is required to successfully enroll in the program, you are free to scale up to 2 million monthly active users. Once you exceed this number, $0.50 will be charge per every additional 1K MAU.

After your subscription concludes, we'll reassess your studio. If you've exceeded the 100K MAU limit, you will seamlessly continue with a standard Pro subscription. If you remain below this cap, you can reapply for the Indie Program.

Have you reached 2 million monthly active users? Congratulations! The base price of $99 remains, but there is an additional $0.50 cost for every one thousand monthly active users. For illustration, an additional 100K will increase the price by $50, totaling $149. Reaching an additional 500K will bring the total to $349.

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