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  • Trial new features, experiences and ideas using A/B tests
  • Control and monitor your game from anywhere
  • Optimize your ad revenue, IAP and retention
  • Create content that’s relevant to where your players live

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  • Join the thousands of games that make millions of players smile
  • Set up new dashboards and reports in just a few clicks
  • Easily compare data across multiple dimensions
  • Keep your ad revenue reports in one place by integrating your vendor
  • Monitor your data in real time
  • Keep track of the essentials across all your games:

    Users, Retention, Monetization, Playtime, Cohorts, Funnels. And more.

DataSuite New

  • Metrics API

    Plug your KPIs into your other systems to get up-to-date metrics every day

  • Player Warehouse

    Give your data scientists access to BigQuery SQL

  • Raw Export

    Automatically export all your games' raw event data in JSON format

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Building your own engine? Use our support for C++, Javascript, Mono or our open REST API.

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