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OK guys, but I still have questions

Is GameAnalytics actually free?

Yes, it's 100% free. We don't plan on adding any premium features in the future. Our guarantee is to continue offering all functionality at no cost.

How scalable is the platform?

We track billions of events every day, for studios with hundreds with hundreds of games and millions of players. We have you covered. 😉

How secure is GameAnalytics?

We use the latest server technologies and take security very seriously. We invest special care in storing your data safely, with frequent backups.

What if we have a LOT of game?

We don’t put any limits on how you use the service. Add as many games, teammates and integrations as you want. Our aim is to help you grow. 💪

How reliable is GameAnalytics?

Our systems are up 99% of the time and all of your data is safely backed up forever. Reliability is at our core. See what our customers think.

Is it limited in any way?

There aren't any limitations - the only thing we ask is that you correctly implement your event tracking to prevent duplicate entries. We can help with this.

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