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Shine a light on your KPIs in 4 easy steps

That’s right, we promise to help you understand player behavior and maximize your game‘s potential in just 15 minutes or less.

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1. Register your game

Sign up and add your game, then copy the game keys.

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2. Download our SDK

Pick from one of our 20+ SDKs for all major game engines.

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3. Initialize the SDK

Initialize GameAnalytics by adding a single line of code.

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4. Enjoy your data!

Marvel at the insights as your metrics start streaming in.

Empowering you up

You build the games. We’ll build the tools.

Save time and money building complex data pipelines. Use the predefined GameAnalytics dashboards for quick, aggregated insights, then unlock data access features to see event level data at any time – no black boxes!

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20+ official SDKs

Pick an engine. Any engine.

Effortlessly integrate with leading game engines and platforms like Unity and Roblox, as well as open-source projects such as C++ and JavaScript. GameAnalytics is the most connected tool, whatever your weapon of choice.

...then go-live with 1 line of code!

Unity SDK
// Initialize Unity SDK
Roblox SDK
// Initialize Roblox SDK
GameAnalytics:initServer("[YOUR_GAME_KEY]", "[YOUR_SECRET_KEY]")
Unreal SDK
// Initialize Unreal SDK
UGameAnalytics::initialize("GAME_KEY", "SECRET_KEY");
iOS (Swift) SDK
// Initialize iOS (Swift) SDK
GameAnalytics.initialize(withGameKey: "game key", gameSecret: "secret key")
iOS (Objective-C) SDK
// Initialize iOS (Objective-C) SDK
[GameAnalytics initializeWithGameKey:@"game key" gameSecret:@"secret key"];
Android SDK
// Initialize Android SDK
GameAnalytics.initializeWithGameKey(activity, "[game key]", "[secret key]");
JavaScript SDK
// Initialize JavaScript SDK
gameanalytics.GameAnalytics.initialize("[game key]", "[secret key]");
Unity SDK
// Initialize Unity SDK

Little effort. High reward.

Out-of-the-box insights

Once you’ve activated our SDK, you’ll have real-time access to reliable data that helps you track everything below, without extra setup.

Active users

Check your DAU, WAU or MAU for accurate player counts.

New users

The count of your daily users who were new that day.

Returning users

The count of players returning ’n’ days after first install.


How often returning players load up and leave your game.


The % of players returning ’n’ days after first install.


Total time played and average session length over period.


The count of error events occurring in your game.


Pinpoint performance by installation week or month.


Understand different player experience by device model.


Analytics for every platform, from mobile to console.

OS version

Gauge interactions across different OS versions.


Filter by geographical location, determined by player IPs.

Advanced setup

Track all aspects of your game design

Power up your analytics insights with our advanced features, including server-side IAP validation and custom event tracking. Gain a complete understanding of your design, economy and core gameplay loops.

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Built for games

Optimized to help your games and studio scale

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our ISO 27001, SOC 2, and KidSAFE+ accredited services. With a commitment to security and compliance, you can rely on GameAnalytics to safeguard your data while providing reliable analytics.

Improve your marketing ROI with our UA and advertising integrations for all major attribution and mediation services. Gain valuable insights into your ad spend and revenue sources across different advertising campaigns.

We have your Live Ops for games covered. Run real-time experiments with our A/B testing features to stop the guesswork and improve KPIs. Then use our Remote Configs make instant updates – without releasing new versions to the store.

Our lightweight SDK delivers smooth performance by minimizing resource usage and prioritizing performance. We make seamless gameplay one of our top priorities, so you never need to worry about SDK bloat or sudden frame-drops.

Streamline studio management and collaboration. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly email reports, invite publishing partners to your whole studio or just selected games, and gain insight into studio performance for informed decision making.

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Proven performance

Trusted, secure & stable

Rely on our unparalleled stability at scale, with a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, ensuring uninterrupted access to your data.

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Daily events processed

25 billion+

Up-time record


#1 trusted service

13 years

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