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Developers face multiple challenges: keeping players happy, generating revenue, and adapting to a new privacy landscape. So how can you boost profits without compromising on fun, engaging experiences for your players?

Introducing Web Shops: A solution for you to generate direct revenue from online purchases through engaging online experiences and valuable in-game items.

Increase your player LTV and take home revenue, gain enhanced control over player data and engage with your community through exclusive content.

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With nearly twenty years focused on video game commerce and a history of building 200+ successful Web Shops, Xsolla is a reliable and experienced partner. They also provide comprehensive guides to help drive players to your Web Shop, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Expand into new markets, accept payments in local currencies (700+), leverage the Pay Rank system for a better user experience, and access powerful promotion features to attract more paying players.

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What is a Web Shop?

Generate more value, purchases, and revenue

Web Shop is an extension of your game, its' LiveOps, and players' experience. It's a white label digital store where players purchase in-game items, currencies, and top up their accounts - all from your branded website.

Meet your player's needs

Create personalized offers and promotions

Xsolla allows you to encourage your players to complete a purchase with personal offers and promotions, tailored specifically to address your players' in-game needs.

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Launch your Web Shop in 24 hours

Easy set up and unmatched support

During the setup and creation of a partner's webshop, you'll have a dedicated Xsolla Integration Manager to ensure maximum launch speed. Xsolla also supports custom design requests and handles Web Shop development needs.

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Integrate with GameAnalytics

Compare, analyze and optimize your revenue streams

Seamlessly integrate revenue data from your Xsolla Web Shop to GameAnalytics, unlocking a holistic view of your game's financial performance.

Talk to an expert, launch your Web Shop in 24 hours, save up to 25% in platform fees, and expedite your marketing ROI.

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