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Metrics API

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  • Check Update your internal data systems with programmatic access to metrics
  • Check Receive KPI's for each individual game in single query
  • Check Query KPI's aggregated across your entire Organization

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Games Price /pm*
1 - 10 $500
11 - 50 $1000
51 - 200 $2000
201 - 500 $3750
500+ $5000
*Only games above 1,000 MAU are counted.

Player Warehouse

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  • Check Flexible querying with SQL access
  • Check Correlate your data from multiple sources
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Up to 2M $500 /pm*
2M to 30M
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  • Check Everything in FREE
  • Check Top charts (hourly)
  • Check Top publishers & developer ranks
  • Check Engagement (Installs, DAU & MAU)
  • Check Trending & recently released
  • Check All benchmarks sub-genres & metrics, including monetization
  • Check Quick search: keywords, sub-genres, performance details and publisher portfolio searching


$600/mo Billed annually
or $749/mo, billed monthly

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  • Check Everything in INDIE
  • Check Usage (Retention D1, D7 & D30)
  • Check All contextual data points
  • Check Similar games highlighter
  • Check Upcoming games dashboard
  • Check All benchmarks data, including regional & platform filtering
  • Check Advanced search: market info, motivations, thematics, art style, features and mechanics
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