Raw Export

Your game data delivered, in its purest form

Raw Export gives you every last iota of your event data in one simple package – unfiltered, unaggregated, untouched. So you have full control of how you use it.

Use it your way

Dive straight in

Cut out the prep time and jump straight to what matters most – finding the insights that’ll help your game grow. If you’ve got the coding skills, Raw Export lets you use your game data however you like.

Complete flexibility

Your data, in real-time

Your data from all your games in JSON format, compressed and delivered straight to your preferred storage system. All the raw events are there, complete with their properties and timestamps.

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Custom event fields

Flexible and custom event level tracking

Configure an unlimited number of custom events and easily unlock this data with Raw Export, brought across into your own systems for advanced reporting.

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All DataSuite features under one single plan

Customers feedback

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Why did we choose GameAnalytics? Because they're the go-to company for in-game metrics and tracking in the hyper-casual games industry. So we started using their products like Raw Export really early on to help us in our goal of becoming a key player in the high-growth market we operate in.

Kamel Haddad

Kamel Haddad

Chief Data Officer-Head of
Cloud Infrastructure at TapNation


At Voodoo, we review a lot of prototypes and games each month. Thanks to the data collected with GameAnalytics, we’re able to help our partners with upcoming trends, clear creation guidelines, features to increase retention, and a unique ideation process.

Hugo Peyron

Hugo Peyron

Publishing Expert
at Voodoo

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