Raw Export

Raw gameplay data, delivered real-time

With raw export, your unprocessed data is automatically extracted and transferred to you real-time in its pure JSON format. Process, store and transform it however you like!

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Your data, served raw

The easy route to a custom data pipeline

Whether you need to perform custom analysis, build internal tools, or create advanced visualizations, real-time raw export makes it easy to achieve anything you want.

  • Gain full control over how your data is processed
  • Connect with any third-party tools or even a data lake
  • Build your own reporting on top of our trusted systems

Enabling data piping to your own AWS S3 bucket takes just a couple of days – skipping many months of R&D time and saving you all of the associated infrastructure costs.

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The Game Developer's Handbook to Mastering Data Solutions

Learn how to seamlessly integrate data sources, unlock detailed player insights with Player Warehouse, access real-time data with Raw Export, and ensure data privacy compliance.

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Limitless possibilities

Let’s get your data fully connected

Easily get your data available for your analysts to use in any BI tool, without having to spare a second of thought on infrastructure cost.

Case study

Using DataSuite to increase the LTV of 19 hit games by 50%

Thanks to deeper insights from DataSuite, the TapNation product team has increased their player LTV by an average of 50% or more across their entire portfolio of games – all within 6 months of using Raw Export.

Ramen VR
Zenith: The Last City

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