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Mission critical tools, without the digging

GameAnalytics comes packed with an arsenal of tools to help you complete your data-driven quest, or even create your own data stack.

20+ engine SDKs

Integrations for every major game engine and service.

Quick KPIs

Out-of-the-box insights, even in a basic 15-min setup.

Custom dashboards

Data-rich, configurable views for your whole team.

Flexible events

Create event types to capture any game interactions.

Powerful filtering

Compare all types of metrics, dimensions and events.

UA reporting

In-depth analysis of user acquisition campaigns.

IAP tracking

Monitor in-app purchases for revenue insights.

Ad reporting

Evaluate ad performance for strategic optimization.

Live Ops

Dynamic game adjustments triggered remotely.

Error discovery

Real-time error reporting to monitor your builds.

Fully compliant

Pre-vetted by leading bodies for information security.


Engagement tracing

Advanced filters for player engagement analysis.


Scheduled reporting

Customizable reports and scheduled delivery options.


Portfolio overview

Summary metrics for your top games in one simple view.


Health monitoring

Spot technical errors, and dive into FPS, memory, and boot time histograms.


Market benchmarks

Industry benchmarks from over 100k active games.


API access

Sync metrics and org data into your tools and systems.


Data warehouse

Managed storage for player and event level analysis in BQ.


Raw export

Build a data lake with real-time raw data transfers.

Private Instance

Private instance

Dedicated, secure and custom analytics environment.

What’s included?

Feature overview

Take a peek at our extensive toolkit for game optimization, packed with capabilities to power up every game you’ve ever made.


Tailor-make your reporting experience

Design custom dashboards with a range of widgets and visualizations. Begin with our predefined templates or create very own custom reports and save them for late use.

A screenshot of a custom dashboard

Actionable insights, always at your fingertips

Monitor your game’s performance in real-time, giving you the knowledge to make quick and informed decisions – help your team stay ahead of the game with up-to-the-minute data.

A screenshot of the realtime dashboard
Explore Tool

Advanced multi-dimensional analysis

Fire up our powerful filtering engine to compare and filter any metric and dimension combos. In no time, you’ll be uncovering hidden trends and insights, now visible in your game data.

A screenshot of the Explore Tool

Track game progression and conversion paths

Visualize all steps of your user journeys with multi-step funnel reports. They process instantly, so you‘ll be identifying key areas for game design improvement, quickly and easily.

A screenshot of the processing Funnels

Grouped user analysis, no setup required

Monitor and compare user groups based on specific install dates, campaigns, behaviors or attributes. You‘ll be uncovering patterns and optimizing for retention with minimal setup.

A screenshot of the Cohorts feature
A/B Testing

Experiment and make data-backed updates

Conduct controlled experiments to run advanced, multi-variate tests on game elements. Forget the speculation and make informed decisions backed by data to refine and enhance your game.

A screenshot of the A/B testing feature
Remote Configs

In-game adjustments, when you want them

Effortlessly modify in-game parameters to instantly set changes live, without updating app versions or deploying code changes. Say hello to live operations and dynamic testing.

A screenshot of the Remote Configs feature

Always within reach

Turn-key data delivery

Quickly access and run exploratory analysis on your data with our APIs, data warehouses, and real-time exports. Get your data any time, in any format – ready to use with all major BI and analysis tools.

That’s not all

Grow your game with Live Ops

Analytics is just the starting point when you use our Live Ops features. Easily run advanced, multi-variate Bayesian experiments, then modify and fine-tune your game without even needing to release a new version to the stores.

A screenshot of A/B Testing in action

Get connected

Effortlessly integrate your ad and UA data

Easily connect with any number of the major attribution and advertizing services. Get deeper insights, including impression level revenue data for all of your paid acquisition campaigns.

Answer every question

Start your data-driven journey!

We cover all of the key metrics you need to understand the health of your games – from engagement, to monetization and design.





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