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All the tools you need to understand player behavior and build great games

Minimal Setup

Installs, DAU, retention, session length - get insights on all your metrics within 5 minutes of setup. Filter by device, app build, country, all in just a couple of clicks. Everything important, right out of the box.

Fully Customizable

Explore our rich, pre-populated dashboards, or build your own custom reports with widgets that showcase the data that matters most. Track any event and visualize insights in the way that suits you best.

Discover essential insights

Track anything and everything

If you want to really zoom into gameplay details, player use of resources, bonuses, weapons, progression through stages, or even just to keep track of errors, we have category-based event types you can instrument to measure anything and everything that matters.

Design events

Track use of reward boxes, characters, skins, outfits, weapons, candies, or pretty much any game design element in your app.

Player progression

Use progression events to track when a player has started or completed a level, stage, or area, as well as their scores.

Virtual currency

Resources like lives, coins, turns, moves, or anything that can be earned and spent to balance out your in-game economy.

Check for errors

Track different error events, so you can easily figure out what device, build, or platform they happen on, and debug away.

Show me the money

Track & balance IAP monetization

See what your players love buying with in-app purchase tracking, then use these insights to make more popular and profitable assets. Easily experiment with tweaking your pricing model, to find that sweet spot where conversion and price give you the best possible return.

Zoom in on player behavior

That moment when a spike happens... and you know why!

We’re not just talking about app store features here. When you release a new version of your game and players love it… how do you figure out exactly what it is they love? And how do you monetize it? With the new slicing and dicing capabilities of GameAnalytics, all these questions can now be answered.

Identify behaviors with multidimensional filters

Filter any one of our dashboards by any one of your unique custom event types to figure out if today’s ‘weapon of the day’ is responsible for the sudden spike in in-app purchases.

Compare player groups

See whether players who complete the tutorial are more likely to spend, if behavior is consistent over countries, or if your latest build has higher conversion rates.

Build custom dashboards

Choose the metrics or behaviors to track, pick the visualizations that represent them best, and get unique, meaningful views of your players. Save these configurations for later use.

Get a reality check with benchmarks

Does your endless runner have good 7 day retention? We benchmark 12,000+ games to give you context on where you stand in the industry.

Target the right players

Look beneath the surface with advanced reporting

Save and export player segments, build funnels for tracking progress for conversion and gameplay, look at how different cohorts perform over time, and understand the real value of your users with attribution integrations. All you need to know is only a few clicks away.

Check out our docs for more information →

Track player ROI with our attribution integrations

Plug in your attribution provider to connect campaign tracking with player behavior and learn which sources are driving the most engaged users. Attribution is easier than ever with our built-in support for Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava, and Mobile App Tracking.

Check out our attributions partners →

Find your top performing audiences with cohorts

Does player spending rise after the first 2 weeks? Cohorts, combined with segments and filters, are a powerful way to view player behavior over time, and understand where players are most likely to spend the most, turn into power users, or even churn from your game.

Learn more about cohort analysis →

Track the progression of your players with custom funnels

Looking to see how gameplay influences player retention? Get a step-by-step funnel view of how your players are progressing through key game stages and overlay segments to understand the impact on your target audiences. Clearly identify and fix gameplay sticking points.

Take a deep dive into funnels →

Indentify and segment your players in just a few clicks

Hand pick players in the US who have spent more than $5 and have completed the first level, so you can target them with the premium coin package next time they start up your game. It only takes a few clicks to define a segment, and you can then use it across all your reports.

Learn how to build your first segment →

Action insights instantly

Game changing actionability

Coming soon

Making changes to gameplay or your monetization strategy has never been easier. The Command Center can instantly configure your app, so you won’t have to deploy a whole new build and wait for thousands of devices to update, when you get that game changing idea.

Learn more about the Command Center →

Customize gameplay with the Command Center

Once you’ve learned what your players love most, use the Command Center to enable new ad campaigns, bonuses, or gameplay elements such as characters or skins, directly from your analytics. Track these changes in your dashboards to measure the impact and optimize further.

A/B test gameplay and ads easily

Want to test out a new character on 20% of your audience, or to stop ads for 30% of your players and see how retention is impacted? With the Command Center you can apply special configs to a highly targeted group of your players, allowing you to experiment away.

See events and debug in real time

The real time dashboard tracks the players who are live in your game now and shows raw events as they come in. As soon as you configure a new event type, use the real time feed to check if the tracking is working and to debug your integration and keep your players happy.

And so much more

An all-in-one solution – packed with powerful features.

  • Unlimited data

    We have no limits on the amount of data you can send or track, so you don’t have to worry about cost.

  • Global & accurate

    Fast, reliable and accurate player analysis wherever you are in the world, from Europe to Asia.

  • Export & share

    Access, export and play with your data. Download .JSON exports from our platform, whenever you want.

  • Top notch support

    Our friendly support is always happy to help you out and point you in the right direction - ask them anything!

  • Built for games

    We're one of the few analytics services tailored specifically to games - and we're proud of it!

  • Essential game KPIs

    50+ metrics calculated out of the box, so you can start optimizing right after connecting your game.

  • Easy to use

    With our clear and intuitive UI you don't need to be an analytics expert to reveal actionable insights.

  • Rich visualizations

    Any piece of your games data, clearly and beautifully visualized exactly the way you’d like it to be.

  • UA integrated

    Switch on any of our attribution partner integrations to enrich your analysis with UA campaign data.

  • Email reports

    Everthing you need to know about the health of your game, delivered to your inbox, daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Explore everything

    Focus your analysis and find hidden insights with our isolated query mode and advanced filtering.

  • Clear documentation

    Improve your instrumentation with loads of useful setup tips, code examples and practical guides.

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