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Collect, visualize, and understand your player data all in one platform

  • Completely free
  • Globally trusted
  • Easy to integrate
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  • Huuuge Games
  • Round Zero
  • FRVR
  • Yodo1
  • Fingersoft
  • Tasty Pill
  • Cheetah Mobile
  • Fluffy Fairy Games
  • Game Hive
  • Two Men and a Dog
  • Illusion Labs
  • Crossy Road
  • Gazeus

Everything you'd expect from an analytics tool. Except better.


Dashboards to keep you up-to-date

Use our existing dashboards for accurate insight into all of your most pressing analytics questions, or customize the dashboards to show the metrics and visualizations that matter most to you.


Valuable insights in minutes, not hours

Watch your players as they play your game with our realtime feed! Keep track of concurrent users and key metrics during your UA campaigns to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


View the exact data slice you need

Take a deep dive into your player data, select metrics and apply filters to visualize it in unique ways. Use comparison mode to reveal correlated trends and easily download the results to a file.


Target specific groups of players

Accurately target your player segments by geography, their specific attributes, or even by similar behaviours in your game. Name, save and re-use these segments in your reports.


Understand and refine your game flow

Discover how your players progress through specific levels of your game and where they falter. Pin-point sticking points and optimise your levels to reduce churn and keep your players happy.


Learn how campaigns influence players

See metrics relating to specific audience groups and track changes over time to find out how well a particular campaign, promotion, or in-game update is doing.

But wait, there's more.
Much more

Portfolio overview

View your entire portfolio

Easily search, find, pin, and access your most important titles from one convenient view. Get a quick snapshot into the health of your studio, or even the games that you’ve helped publish.

Overview Dashboard

See how you're stacking up

Get visibility on how your game compares against similar genres on the market with our benchmarks dashboard, which auto-compares your core KPIs against 16K+ active titles using GameAnalytics.

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Slice and dice data until it’s just right

Apply an advanced combination of dimensions and filters to the metrics that matter most to you, allowing you to view the exact data slice that you need. The only limit is your imagination!

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Command Center
Command center

Change the game experience without updating code

Define variables inside the Command Center that auto-update to the devices of your various audience groups, allowing you to trigger certain campaigns, or even adjust the price of in-game items on the fly.

Download the mobile app

Stay up to data date

Use the GameAnalytics mobile app to keep an eye on your important KPIs, any time or place.

Scales with you & your team

"Our continued success is dependent on GameAnalytics providing critical KPIs at our fingertips."


Nate Barker

Director of BD | Fluffy Fairy Games

Track custom events

Specify your own parameters and track absolutely any gameplay elements with our custom event tracking. See demo game.

Free event tracking

There's no limit on the number of events or players you can track. That means no hidden costs, even when you release a smash hit.

Built for collaboration

Add your entire game portfolio and share access with team members, publishers, or even independent business analysts.

Insights for all engines

Developing games on multiple platforms? We've got you covered - keep all of your games tracked in the same place.

Open & direct
access to your data

We give full access to export and download your data, along with an API that allows you to manually query your core KPIs.

Even better, the GameAnalytics Rest API allows you to manually send game events - so it’s even possible to build your own SDK!

Avoid unnecessary performance overhead

Smooth and responsive gameplay is important, and that’s why we’ve optimized our SDK’s for game performance. All of our code runs in low priority threads to avoid gameplay hiccups (fps spike) and the footprint is kept to a minimum on the final compiled game.

FPS line chart

Powerful & secure

GameAnalytics is built on cutting-edge, ultra-secure technology to deliver accurate insights with powerful data slicing features.

State-of-the-art tech

With a powerful data store built on Druid technology, we’re able to offer flexible event processing with as many filters as you need.

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Robust & secure

Our game-optimized SDKs send secure traffic to a highly scalable backend. Over the past 12 months, we’ve maintained a 99.99% uptime.

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GDPR compliant

We’re committed to information security, privacy and transparency. For compliance tips, see our GDPR FAQ for game developers.

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17 game platforms supported

Works with the engines & platforms you already use

We have you covered with integrations for every major game engine, native platform, and attribution service.

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Twitter
  • Adobe Air
  • Xamagon

Everything you need to build great player experiences



Use our premade dashboards, or create your own custom views to visualize the KPIs and metrics that matter most to you.


Export data

Easily download your own raw game events with our data export feature. Crunch your own data until your heart's content!


Timed email reports

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly emails for a clear overview of your most essential KPIs, conveniently delivered to you when on-the-go.

Essential KPIs

All the metrics you need

Get access to all the standard KPIs you would expect when analyzing games, plus measure unique gameplay with custom events.


Beautiful graphs & widgets

Understand your data with our simple, fast and flexible charts. Use pie charts, bar charts, or even maps in your custom reports.


Don’t waste your time

Our goal is to keep analytics simple (both the implementation and the user-interface), while also providing powerful features.

UA Integrations

Track user acquisition

We provide integrations with top attribution partners for accurate UA reporting, with ways to filter your data by attribution source.


Accurate worldwide player tracking

From Europe to Asia, we analyze player behavior quickly and reliably all over the world (even behind the great firewall of China).

GameAnalytics helps us to understand player behaviour at both the macro and micro level. Highly recommended.


Mark Wang

Co-Founder | Game Hive

Developers of: Tap Titans, Tap Titans 2, Beat the Boss

The GameAnalytics platform is an excellent free tool that helps to shape our daily decisions.


Marcus Dawson

CEO | Illusion Labs

Developers of: Labyrinth, Touch Grind BMX, Mr. Crab, Bacon Escape

From deep-dives to health-checks and benchmarking, GameAnalytics is my source of truth.


Ryan McLeod

Creator | Grow Pixel

Creator of: Blackbox

GameAnalytics is a super reliable partner when it comes to measuring your in-game KPIs.


David Zilberfayn

Founder | Appsolute Game

Publishers of: Pixel Drifters, Jumpy Stack, Tricky Trip

GameAnalytics browser view

See it in action!

Sometimes you just need to see something in action, so we made a demo with pre-populated data. Give it a try!

  • Completely free
  • Globally trusted
  • Easy to integrate