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Business Events


Business Events

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Use this event to track real money transactions in your game.

With the business event, you can include information on the specific type of in-app item purchased, and where in the game the purchase was made.

Example A: A player goes into the game’s shop and makes a purchase of a pack of coins.

Example B: You show the player a screen at the end of a level to prompt them to buy lives. They choose to purchase a pack of 3 lives that costs $0.99.

Field Example A Example B
cartType shop endOfLevel
itemType coinPack lives
itemId coinPack2 lifePack3
amount 99 99
currency USD USD

Note: We allow up to 10 cartTypes and up to 100 unique itemTypes and itemIds each.


Purchase Validation

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Purchase validation is supported only on iOS and Android at the moment.

GameAnalytics comes with a fast and easy Purchase Validation solution which allows users to distinguish valid business events from the non-valid ones.

The GameAnalytics SDK can automatically capture the purchase receipt from the app store. This is used to validate the purchases and ensure that your monetization data is correct.

We recommend all developers to use the purchase validation system. After you instrument the game you will be able to filter the revenue data accordingly.

Once the implementation is up and running, all monetization metrics will be split by valid metrics, non-valid metrics, and the general metrics.

  • The valid ones are the result of processing only the business events marked as valid
  • The non-valid are the those created by processing invalid business events
  • The general are the sum of the two.

See the SDK documentation for more information on how to include the receipt with the Business event.

Purchase Validation

Find out more information about validating user purchases


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