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You can download the last 6 months worth of raw data that you submitted to GameAnalytics for each game. In order to do this:

  1. You must have a role of Game Admin or Studio Admin.
  2. Access the “Export Data” tab from the Settings menu, as shown below.

The export results are presented in two formats:

Raw: One link per line in the frame. This can be fed into a script to programatically fetch the data.

Linux Terminal: WGET commands containing all the target files for download are generated in the frame.

If you have less than 100 files to export, simply copy and paste this command into your terminal window to get the files to your current directory.

For more than 100 files, we recommend that you copy all the text in the frame to a new file, in the folder that you wish to download to. Then run the sh command in order to fetch all the data.

This method works for all variants of Linux operating systems, as well as for Mac OSX. Note however that the wget command does not come by default with all Mac OSX versions, so you might have to install it via Homebrew.

Note: The requested URL for downloading the files will be available for 7 days.


Processing Raw Files

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The raw data is provided in several small, distinctly named files. This format is suitable for data stored in the cloud, but it might not be suitable for your own purposes.

It is recommended that you:

  1. Merge all files into a single file
  2. Separate the different events by their categories

If you have an operating system with bash support, you can easily concatenate these files by browsing to the directory where you downloaded the files and using the command:

cat * > name_of_merged_file

We have also created a python script for creating CSV files with data grouped by the event category.

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