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Summary API



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The Summary API enables you to query game KPIs using dimensional filters and is a handy way to integrate GameAnalytics data into in-house systems, like your internal BI tool or business dashboard.


Get Started

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● GameAnalytics account
● Environment for sending POST requests



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Login with your email and password to retrieve a list of authentication tokens generated by GameAnalytics for each game.

The tokens will be used as parameters in your queries, as detailed below.

Parameter Value What it does
Email User email for login
Password h3llicopters Login password



Querying the API

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Creating requests for the API is super easy. There are a few default parameters that must be included for resulting queries to work, and all requests must be

Here are all necessary parameters:

Parameter Value Mandatory Notes
gameID 123456 YES Retrieve from your GameAnalytics URL –
token priv-abc123… YES Game token retrieved in authentication stage
statisticName metricName YES Metric to be queried – see exact values in the table below
intervalStart yyyy-mm-dd YES Start date for query
intervalEnd yyyy-mm-dd YES End date for query
filter JSON with filtering data NO Add the filter you want to apply to the metric

Querying lists of dimensions and dimension values does not require authentication or metric
specifications (see query examples).


Available Metrics

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Statistic name What it represents
new_users New users (installs)
active_users Daily Active Users
retention_2 Retention day 2
retention_7 Retention day 7
retention_14 Retention day 14
retention_28 Retention day 28
returning_users_2 Count of day 2 returning users
returning_users_7 Count of day 7 returning users
returning_users_14 Count of day 14 returning users
returning_users_28 Count of day 28 returning users
arpdau Average revenue per daily active user
arppu Average revenue per paying user
converting_users First time paying users

Query Examples

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Dimensions and Values Of A Game

Simple Filters

Advance Filters


Python Example Script

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Download a python example script here.

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